XLog Software Datalogs Meters, Counters and Transmitters on a LAN

Founded in 1990,Laurel Electronics,Inc. is a leading U.S manufacturer of programmable industrial digital panel meters counters,timers and DIN rail transmitters.

Online PR News – 21-July-2014 – Costa Mesa, CA, 92626, USA – Costa Mesa, CA - Laurel Electronics, Inc. announces Windows-compatible XLog Data Logging Software, which can log data from up to 64 different instruments on a local area network (LAN). Laurel instruments connected to the LAN can be any mix of meters with an LNET Ethernet interface board, meters with an Ethernet-to-RS45 device server interface board, DIN-rail mounted LTE series transmitters, and DIN-rail mounted LTNET485 Ethernet-to-RS45 interface device servers units. If the LAN is connected to the Internet, the instruments can be viewed and logged remotely from anywhere in the world.
XLog Data Logging software automatically discovers all Laurel instruments connected directly to a LAN via an Ethernet connection, as well up to 31 Laurel instruments with an RS485 interface connected to a Laurel Ethernet-to-RS45 device server via an RS485 data bus. Instruments can also be connected to the host PC via a USB, RS232 or RS485 interface.
The received data can be displayed on the computer screen in the form of up to 64 virtual panel meters in 4 groups of up to 16 meters each. These virtual meters can show the readings and alarm indications of selected actual meters or transmitters, or show values other than those normally displayed by meters, such as peak value.
Virtual meters can also show calculated parameters or weighted averages that combine data from multiple meters. For example, a virtual meter can display watts, obtained by multiplying the current reading from one meter and the voltage reading from another meter. Available operands are multiply, divide, add, and subtract, with parentheses to allow complex expressions. Virtual meters can also totalize analog readings over time, for example to display kilowatt-hours from watts, or totalized volume from flow rate. The on-screen position and appearance of individual meters is user selectable to achieve meaningful groupings.

The data received from meters and transmitters can be written to an ASCII file to an Excel spreadsheet for later graphing and analysis. User settable parameters include the logging time interval in seconds, the separator character (normally a comma), and header data (with or without time and date). Data files can be password protected.

XLog Data Logging Software is available at no charge from www.laurels.com/download-software.htm. For more information, visit www.laurels.com/datalogging-software.htm or contact Harald Weiss, Director of Marketing, at 714-434-6131, email sales@laurels.com.