MXAM 3.1: Better Reports Thanks to Annotations

MES Model Examiner® DRIVE (MXAM) has been enhanced with a new functionality.

Online PR News – 22-July-2014 – Berlin – Berlin, July 17, 2014: MES Model Examiner® DRIVE (MXAM) has been enhanced with a new functionality. It is now easy to add comments on each guideline violation to MXAM compliance reports. These annotations are particularly important if guidelines should be disregarded for project-specific reasons, or if particular guidelines do not, or only in part apply to a model. Such deviations from the norm must be documented in a comprehensible and persistent manner, especially when developing safety-critical software.

Simplifying the Work Process

With this new functionality, the market-leading compliance framework for Simulink®, TargetLink®, and ASCET® models now satisfies the demands of clients who wish to ignore guideline violations in early stages of model development. Nonetheless, these errors must be documented and annotated, as guidelines should not be simply deactivated or altered without comment. Until now, check results had to be annotated in a separate document. Thanks to the new annotation functionality, however, annotated error reports including user comments can be passed on to the Quality Manager or Project Manager, and they remain visible if a model is checked again. The result of the guideline violation can be adjusted as well.

Justifying Guideline Violations

The strict guidelines given in different software modeling standards, such as MAAB, MISRA® Simulink® /Stateflow® , ISO 26262, dSPACE TargetLink® , or MES Functional Safety Guidelines, cannot be adhered to completely in all phases of product development. For instance, exceptions are permitted in the early phases of a project or in less critical parts of the model. These exceptions must however be thoroughly documented and controlled. Thanks to MXAM, it is now easy to document comments and exceptions in a reliable way.

Comments and alterations to results are stored separately from the error report itself, thereby achieving a high level of document safety: The separate information cannot get lost or be modified by unauthorized persons. When the model is checked again, report annotations are displayed in the same place, so it is not necessary to add comments a second time. Existing comments can of course be edited or deleted at any time.

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