Avazoo Worldwide Holdings LTD Secures Merchant Account For Credit Card Processing Of Ticket Sales

Avazoo, organizers of the first ever Billion dollar charity raffle have finally secured a merchant account for credit card processing of ticket sales

Online PR News – 12-March-2023 – Belize City, Belize – Avazoo Worldwide, home of the first billion dollar raffle, has announced that a merchant account is now secured allowing players who want to participate in the raffle and purchase a ticket, a means to do so with the use of a Visa or Mastercard debit/credit/prepaid card with the purchaser’s name on the card. Prior to this, the only way to purchase a ticket entry into the raffle was through the use of cryptocurrency. While that option still remains for players who choose to purchase a ticket entry with cryptocurrency, the company expects the option of being able to use a debit/credit card for purchase will really open the door for the majority of potential players worldwide who might not otherwise have enough knowledge about the use of cryptocurrency.

Shawn Hoover, Global Operations Oversight Director at Avazoo Worldwide had the following to say about the use of debit/credit cards now being an option, “We here at Avazoo are all extremely excited that the opportunity has finally come where we can accept Visa and Mastercard as options for our raffle ticket players throughout the world. Securing a merchant account that will allow us the use of credit card processing has been one of Avazoo’s biggest challenges, but now that we have cleared that hurdle, we are excited to watch how quickly raffle ticket sales pick up from all around the world!”

Mr. Hoover went on to say, “Even though cryptocurrency is still being learned and adapted by a large percentage of the population, it’s exciting that our company is so cutting edge that we can offer the use of it on our platform for those who feel comfortable using it to purchase a ticket into the billion dollar raffle!” We expect to always be able to offer that option for those who prefer it, but the addition of being able to accept debit and credit cards for payment now opens up an entire new segment of the population throughout the world who might never have wanted to take the plunge and learn enough about cryptocurrency to purchase a raffle ticket entry that way.”

Avazoo Worldwide and its founders have been working on this project for over a decade, and it is believed that all of the major pieces are now in place to really bring the company to the forefront of innovative philanthropy. Avazoo’s lofty goal of raising billions of dollars for charitable organizations and natural disaster victims will now be put to the test as ticket sales are expected to reach monumental heights over the next few months. Due to the extremely high regulations in place, the company will be audited heavily and on a regular basis, to ensure that all monies raised through raffle ticket sales are disbursed properly based on Avazoo’s business plan and projections.
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