GENINVO launches its latest offering – Datalution

GENINVO a leading provider of life sciences product and business solutions organization, presents a Centre of Excellence for Data Science and Analytics

Online PR News – 09-March-2023 – Bloomington, Illinois – GENINVO, a leading provider of life science product and business solutions announced the launch of its new, on-demand service: Datalution.

GENINVO has recognized various challenges the pharmaceutical industry faces, especially in generating data for clinical trials. The need of clinical data to the required stakeholders at the right time are challenge.

Synthetic data is made-up information that appears to be real data. This dataset is a collection of data that will be generated programmatically using our technology DATALUATION. Its main purpose is to be versatile and rich enough to assist in simulating multiple scenarios.

Synthetic data is information that will be created artificially rather than generated by real-world events. It is generated algorithmically and is used as a replacement for production or operational data test datasets, to validate mathematical models, and, increasingly, to train machine learning models. It is easier to create synthetic data than it is to collect and annotate real data for certain ML applications. Synthetic data helps to achieve (1) Cost and Time efficiency (2) Explore outliers (rare data scenarios) (3) Resolve Security and Privacy Issues (4) Perform necessary computation (5) Accurate prediction on data models.

Synthetic data will allow you to perform all necessary computations and make early decisions and predictions based on data models. Synthetic data generation also aids in avoiding security and privacy concerns associated with real datasets that cannot be used for any purpose. For example, patient data, sales data, financial data, and so on.

“GENINVO makes a significant contribution to the generation of synthetic data for life science domains by simulating data from clinical studies with similar study designs. The goal is to improve the efficiency of the Study setup process within Clinical Trials such as Edit Checks validation, User Acceptance Testing Process, Validating the programs used for analysis and accelerate the transition from Development to Production instance. GENINVO was able to achieve the goal for one of the clients.” says Shweta Shukla, CEO at GENINVO.


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