Doug Dvorak to release new eBook: Developing Executive Presence

Best-selling author Doug Dvorak is excited to announce the release of his new eBook on Wednesday, March 15.

Online PR News – 09-March-2023 – Chicago, IL – Best-selling author Doug Dvorak is excited to announce the release of his new eBook on Wednesday, March 15.

Co-written with communications expert Mary Jane Copps, Developing Executive Presence teaches sales representatives how to develop the confidence and charismatic presence needed to impress and convince decision makers (think C-Suite) of their company’s value.

In their book, Dvorak and Copps teach what it means to have executive presence and what core values are needed to develop it. They discuss the six areas of focus when developing executive presence:

1. Consistency
2. Communication
3. Personal Confidence
4. Flexibility and Adaptability
5. Economy of Words
6. Adding Value

They also cover how to best communicate with clients, understanding what their specific needs are, and how to empathize with and listen to them. Furthermore, they teach how to use mannerisms and words to display personal confidence and pique their client’s interest.

About Doug Dvorak: A leading motivational speaker, sales trainer, and sales coach, Dvorak presents over 50 times a year around the globe; he has spoken to thousands of organizations in over 100 countries. Dvorak is a member of the Motivational speaker Hall of Fame, a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) and holds a BS, MBA & Doctor of Laws, hc. Dvorak is also a graduate of Second City, the oldest and most prestigious improvisational comedy school in the world.

In his workshops, Dvorak discusses issues, such as helping teams work together, allowing them to have fun without sacrificing efficiency and productivity, resulting in improved overall morale, increases in productivity and reductions in overall turnover. To learn more about Doug Dvorak and his workshops, visit his site online or contact him directly at (847) 359-6969.

About Mary Jane Copps : Mary Jane Copps is the CEO of Telephone Talent, Inc. and a sales coach who has worked with over 700 clients and 15,000 individuals since she launched The Phone Lady brand. She’s been recognized by media sources such as the Wall Street Journal and The Huffington Post as an expert in her field. Copps is a member of the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals, holds a BA in English and Theology, and graduated from the University of Toronto, Canada’s top university.

In her workshops, Copps teaches sales professionals the communication skills needed to work confidently over the phone and make sales. She has worked with and improved the revenue of multiple businesses, non-profit organizations, and schools.

To learn more about Mary Jane Copps and her workshops, visit her online or contact her at (902) 404-3290.