Forbes AAC just acquired CoughDrop

Forbes AAC, makers of the popular ProSlate and WinSlate speech-generating devices, has recently acquired CoughDrop, the popular communication software app.

Online PR News – 25-February-2023 – Mansfield, Ohio – At the start of 2023, Forbes AAC, a leading provider in the field of dedicated communication devices (, announced the acquisition of CoughDrop, a cloud-based and team-focused AAC program ( This merger broadens Forbes AAC’s focused speech offerings and brings together powerful, dedicated devices with dynamic software options.

The purchase of CoughDrop magnifies Forbes’ strength and integration in the AAC community. “We want to be a part of every step of the AAC process,” notes Clayton Smeltz, President and CEO of Forbes AAC. “Communication is all about making connections with people and we want to make those connections possible for every Forbes AAC user.”

While CoughDrop has made robust AAC available worldwide to communicators, this partnership will help reach a new market. The program will still be available to users on iPad, Android, Chromebook, and the web anywhere in the world – but now those who obtain a funded communication device can also unlock CoughDrop’s wide range of dynamic features prior to even receiving their device.

“Anything we can do to get AAC into the hands of those who need it is a win,” says Brian Whitmer, creator of CoughDrop. “CoughDrop was revolutionary when it hit the market in 2014 because it isn’t limited to use on one single device. When you bring that versatility together with a robust piece of hardware like those offered by Forbes AAC, incredible things can happen.”

AAC stands for augmentative and alternative communication. Often, when a person refers to AAC they mean a digital device on which an AAC user can select words and compose a message to then be vocalized by the device. AAC systems are utilized by people with autism, cerebral palsy, Rett Syndrome, ALS, anxiety, aphasia, and other speech-inhibiting concerns.

Forbes AAC, designer of ProSlate and WinSlate AAC devices, has long been in the business of bringing AAC to those who need it. Through years of innovation, they have transformed the AAC industry by providing numerous patented innovations for the AAC community.

“We’ve always focused on leading the industry with innovation” said Smeltz. “Our joining forces with CoughDrop brings another first, our AAC Now! program, which allows users seeking funded devices to access our software while their ProSlate or WinSlate is being funded”.

With CoughDrop options now available from the onset of the funding process, AAC Now! allows users and families to use AAC immediately on any household tablet, pc or smartphone – no more waiting.

“CoughDrop can run on any device and multiple devices” said Smeltz “imagine for example a family at a park that maybe didn’t bring their AAC device, the parent can now access CoughDrop right on their iPhone using the same boards as the AAC device – also if the user’s device is down for repair, their words are accessible from any household tablet – there’s nothing else out there like it”.

“CoughDrop is an incredible AAC option,” remarked Whitmer. “There are many functions built into the program specifically designed to support not just the communicator, but the whole team around that person. We have evaluation tools, speech logs, reports, modeling options and more in-app and ready to use. Pairing CoughDrop and Forbes really is an all-inclusive communication option.”

Smeltz agrees. “Forbes works hard to make sure AAC user’s needs are understood and then met. Adding CoughDrop to our arsenal of communication tools feels like the next great step forward to better support for communicators.”

To learn more about how Forbes AAC and CoughDrop work together to support communication, reach out at