Tanktwo Announces the Launch of Data-Driven, Software-Defined Batteries To Accelerate Green Tech

The Tanktwo Battery Operating System ushers in a new era of accessible and sustainable electrification

Online PR News – 25-February-2023 – Sunnyvale, CA – Tanktwo, a trailblazing green tech startup specializing in cutting-edge battery management solutions backed by 28 patents, announces the official launch of the Tanktwo Battery Operating System (TBOS).

TBOS is the backbone of Tanktwo’s software-defined battery ecosystem that will bring unprecedented scalability, flexibility, reliability, and cost-efficiency to builders and operators of electrified equipment in every vertical, from industrial and retail to transportation and defense.

“TBOS is an API/SDK-like plug-and-play battery solution that will help product builders reduce the time, resources, risks, and costs of developing custom battery solutions, “says Bert Holtappels, founder of Tanktwo. “More small and mid-size enterprise can throw their hats into the electrification ring to accelerate innovation and decarbonization.”

The data-driven approach to energy management also helps reduce the environmental impact of electrification — making the transition to green technologies more accessible and sustainable. Additionally, TBOS introduces a level of agility that can address the supply chain challenges as we move toward an electrified future.

Learn more about the environmental impact of electrification at https://www.tanktwo.com/blog/environmental-impact-of-electrification

About Tanktwo
Founded in 2013, Tanktwo Inc. pioneers data-driven, software-defined batteries to accelerate the development of green tech solutions, making electrification more accessible and sustainable. The Tanktwo Battery Operating System (TBOS) offers product builders an API-like solution to create scalable, flexible, reliable, safe, and cost-efficient custom battery packs without lengthy development cycles and R&D investment.
To learn more about Tanktwo, visit http://www.tanktwo.com.