LiquidSpace publishes second Hybrid Workplace Index providing insight into employee flex office use

LiquidSpace publishes data-driven insights into employee flexible office use and workplace location, preference, and spend in second Hybrid Workplace Index.

Online PR News – 21-February-2023 – San Mateo, California – LiquidSpace, the global on-demand office marketplace and hybrid workplace management platform, has released its second report on aggregated, anonymized and analyzed flexible office transactions made through its marketplace. Surfacing insights into the behaviors of individuals and companies who have embraced workplace flexibility and choice.

The Hybrid Workplace Indices offer a view into real-time employee engagement and spend within the flexible office dimension of behaviors and emerging trends in the Hybrid Workplace market.

In addition, this quarter's report provides two supplementary data drill downs to explore the shift in work from the Central Business District to Suburb and a look into hybrid activity by day of the week.

The key findings from Q4 2022 show that employee engagement continues to rise with the desire for in-person collaboration the key driver, flexible office costs grew reflecting the shift in business demand away from traditional leasing, and the norming of a hybrid work week as flexible office activity continues to strengthen mid-week.

“In a TEDx talk in 2016 we speculated that the commercial office industry may have reached a historic tipping point. We called it ‘Peak Office’ and hypothesized that commercial incentives and environmental imperatives would combine to force a rethink of how we build and use commercial office space, with a secular move toward flexibility, employee choice, and greater efficiency.” Said Mark Gilbreath, CEO & Founder, LiquidSpace.

“Six years and an unimaginable global pandemic later, this prediction now rings true. This quarter's Hybrid Workplace Index shows more evidence of employees embracing flexibility and a rebalancing of how, where and when professionals work in office environments.”

“We've said it before, but it's clear that the future of work is hybrid. Examining all three of our indices and this quarter’s drill downs, it’s evident that change is the constant. What we do know for sure is that collaboration remains a powerful draw. Employees are demonstrating their desire to gather, and this activity is growing increasingly distributed.”

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