Star Wars Fan Podcast Downloaded in Antarctica: Podcast Now Heard On All 7 Continents

Star Wars 7x7, an unofficial fan podcast, was recently downloaded in Antarctica, becoming part of a unique club - a podcast downloaded on all 7 continents.

Online PR News – 20-February-2023 – Gilford, NH – The Star Wars 7x7 podcast, hosted by Allen Voivod, has now been downloaded and listened to in Antarctica, marking a significant milestone for the show. The podcast has been listened to on all 7 continents, and in more than 160 countries around the world.

"We're unbelievably thrilled to have reached this milestone," Voivod said. "Over the years, as our listenership spread globally, I discovered that Antarctic downloads wouldn’t show up in our statistics. The only we’d ever know whether someone listened to us in Antarctica is if they sent us proof.”

That proof arrived in January 2023 from a listener named Kelly Chapman, the founder of Meredith Whole Living Center in Meredith, NH. While traveling to Antarctica, she recorded a video that showed her listening to an episode of the podcast on Danco Island, having downloaded it from their ship’s satellite internet. That video has been shared across Star Wars 7x7’s various social media channels.

“The episode she chose was one of our monthly looks at what’s happening in the world of Star Wars storytelling, for January 2023,” Voivod notes. “It’s a popular feature on the show, and now that episode – 3,103 – will hold a special place in our show’s history.”

Those monthly preview episodes encapsulate the range of Star Wars coverage provided by the unofficial fan podcast. They cover 12 areas of storytelling, including live action, animation, publications, video games, live events, and more.

About Star Wars 7x7
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