Texas Homeless Network Hosts Homelessness Awareness Day

Texans will gather for Homelessness Awareness Day on February 22 at the State Capitol. Advocates will call on legislators to address homelessness in our state.

Online PR News – 17-February-2023 – AUSTIN, TEXAS – Over 150 Texans will gather for a Homelessness Awareness Day on February 22, 2023 from 10 am - 4 pm at the State Capitol in Austin. Service providers, staff, and fellow advocates will call on Texas legislators to support measures to address homelessness in our state. With housing and living costs at a record high, more Texans are experiencing homelessness or at-risk than ever before.

Homelessness Awareness Day will lead individuals and groups in meetings with their State Representatives and Senators. The day will include an opening presentation by THN CEO & President Eric Samuels and partners from Disability Rights Texas and Texas Housers before advocates attend their scheduled meetings to share policy priorities and personal passions behind ending homelessness in Texas.

“The good news is that we know the interventions and solutions to end homelessness,” said Eric Samuels. “We know that funding affordable and supportive housing prevents and ends homelessness, and it is far cheaper to provide funding to prevent homelessness than addressing a person’s homelessness once it happens.”

Approximately 1,912 households and 1,408 unaccompanied youth are experiencing homelessness on any given night in Texas. Nearly 1 in 10 young adults across the country will be homeless at one point in their lives. With mostAmericans living paycheck-to-paycheck with little savings, many are far closer to losing housing than becoming a millionaire. Affordable housing, robust community resources, and equitable systems are crucial to the success of our unhoused and housed neighbors. Texas Homeless network is dedicated to working with legislators to prioritize a better present and future for all.

“Without stable housing, it is nearly impossible to address homelessness. If you can’t safely sleep with a roof over your head, you’re not able to address physical, emotional, and financial barriers in your life,” stated Michael Nichols, President and CEO of Coalition for the Homeless. Homelessness Awareness Day will focus on talking to Texas Representatives and Senators about bills that can make a big difference.

“THN has policy priorities that must visible to our state legislators. We must work to pass laws that will strengthen homeless crisis response systems, expand affordable housing options, and address targeted intersectional assistance to marginalized communities. We believe that Homelessness Awareness Day is a major opportunity to ensure that our lawmakers, policymakers, and other key stakeholders have the opportunity to hear Texans' passion for ending homelessness,” said Samantha Foss, Director of Development and Communications at Texas Homeless Network.

To learn more about Texas Homeless Network and get involved in homeless advocacy work, contact Texas Homeless Network at statewideinitiatives@thn.org.