World Kindness Day by Touch-A-Life Foundation Smashing Success

Touch-A-Life Foundation celebrated 25 years of World Kindness day with immense success on Saturday, November 19, 2022.

Online PR News – 23-November-2022 – Santa Clara, California – Touch-A-Life Foundation celebrated 25 years of World Kindness day with immense success on Saturday, November 19, 2022. It was an event filled with dignitatories, corporates, experts, sponsors, schools and more all coalescing to make an exciting environment for education, entertainment as well as recognition of those making a real difference in the world today.

“We are thrilled to report we had more than 700 attendees and more than 30 exhibitors to experience and enjoy 8 hours of keynote speakers, 7 hours of panel discussions, 6 hours of social entrepreneurship as well as more than 12 hours of performances making one of the most well rounded and exciting events we’ve ever thrown.” said Tej Gundavelli, CEO and founder of Touch-A-Life foundation. “We achieved the perfect blend of education, entertainment and culture with this event even including ballet dancer, bollywood performers and paintings about kindness.”

After the worldwide turbulence in general it was heartwarming to experience the collaborative atmosphere that occurred at World Kindness Day 2022. With speakers like Veena Gundavelli, Dr. Nilima Sabharwal and Som Chatterjee speaking about subjects like empowering youth, the impact of compassion and promoting community empowerment, it is easy to understand why this event is needed in the world. So many inspiring topics in one day to help bring about positive change desperately needed in the world.

The event also featured panel topics often unseen in other events like “Lifting People out of Poverty”, “Closing the Gender Gap” and “The Impact of Social Responsibility and Leadership in Youth” all in one place, on one day. Some notable dignitaries present were CA senator Dave Cortese, Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gilmore and Aisha Wahab, State Senator Elect.

TALHero winners included: Christopher Ranch for commitment to education and career opportunities, Guglielmo Winery for helping hundreds of nonprofit organizations over years, Marich Confectionery for conservation efforts and uplifting the local community for the CSR category. In the individual category TALHero winners include: Ravi Puli for passionate social work and grit to help the needy, Dr. Nilima Sabharwal for accomplishments in the medical field and humanitarian outreach efforts, Diana Ding for being a Social Entrepreneur, Connector between East & West in culture and business.

About Touch-A-Life Foundation:
Founded in 2012, Touch-A-Life Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, founded on the principle that helping others is good for society. We empower individuals, for-profit and nonprofit corporations to make a positive impact for a kinder world.. Our mission is to create one-to-one digital connections between donors and recipients, matching them based on needs. By utilizing technologies such as AI, Blockchain, Social media networks, Cloud, and Mobile applications we are connecting those who need help to those who can help.

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