Truwild Launches a New Replenishment Mix With Rich Amino Acid and Electrolyte Content Called Hydrate

The product is a complete replenishment mix specifically formulated to help energy replenishment, rehydration, and tissue repair after an exhausting activity.

Online PR News – 22-November-2022 – San Diego, CA, USA – Truwild, an all natural food supplement company, has recently launched a new replenishment mix containing a rich content of amino acid and electrolyte made to enhance replenishment, rehydration, and repair. The company has been manufacturing highly nutritious supplements made from clinically tested whole food ingredients, and remains the only natural supplement brand created specifically for outdoor athletes.

Formulated to be an effective post workout recovery supplement, Truwild’s new Hydrate is different from other drink mixes that are loaded with sugar, artificial dyes, and added fillers. Instead, the product is packed with ocean minerals, electrolytes, amino acids, and juice powder made from real fruits. Amino acids are essential for recovery after taking an exercise and the product uses BCAA to restore muscle breakdown and glutamine to reduce cramping and muscle fatigue. Electrolyte in the hydration powder helps maximizing workouts and promotes improvement in physical performance. Additional content of vitamin C, zinc, and magnesium that help support the immune system and reduce chronic inflammation makes Hydrate one of the best recovery supplements available on the market.

Hydrate can be used by adventure seekers, ocean ascenders, mountain ascenders, and even regular fitness trainers to prevent muscle cramping and dehydration while and after performing physically demanding activities

Completely free of chemicals, fillers, synthetic stimulants, and fully gluten-free, vegan, and non GMO, Hydrate is available in two different flavors: watermelon and lemonade combo, and passion fruit and guava combo. Each flavor of the muscle recovery supplement has a rich authentic taste that makes it as good as it is nutritious. The product is easy to prepare and only requires mixing 1 scoop with 6 - 10 oz of cold water. It can be consumed at any time for rapid recovery and immediate dehydration relief.

During the launch, the company's co-founder Nathan said, “We truly believe that pushing your body to the next level has always been found within nature and not in a lab. After years of researching and testing natural ingredients from around the world, TRUWILD developed the most natural formula backed by science. Today, we are proud to pave the way as the only natural supplement brand created specifically for outdoor athletes. Our clinically tested ingredients come from whole foods and are specifically formulated to provide maximum performance. Each product is individually formulated with specific goals in mind like energy enhancement, optimal hydration, reduced stress, anti-inflammatory health, quick recovery and repair, detoxification, and daily nutrition. ”

About Truwild: Founded in 2017 by friends and now business partners, Zac and Nathan, Truwild is an all-natural nutritional supplement company.

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