eagleblogging.com Launches New Digital Report Geared Toward Designers

eagleblogging.com launches a new digital product, a report. Created for designers who use the Fiverr platform.

Online PR News – 11-November-2022 – La Libertad, El Salvador. – eagleblogging.com, a provider of blogging and content marketing information, launches a new product: Designer - Make Money Online Today with Fiverr

San Salvador, El Salvador. Oct 28, 2022. With more than 79.4 million freelancers in the US alone, the opportunities for making side income have grown exponentially. Different sources of revenue allow service providers to manage their work and personal lives better. They allow flexible hours, the possibility to choose their location, work on their skill set, and improve security in the traditional sense.

Design freelancing provides unique benefits such as choosing the type of work, more time to perfect design skills that lead to success and personal fulfillment, and ample monetary reward. Time is of the essence nowadays. Some people can spend hours or days researching, especially if what they are looking for is unclear.

Research is the first step toward success from a marketing point of view (and marketing is what brings those sought-after sales). It can avoid pitfalls and traps on the way to achieving business goals. But, more importantly, it can enlighten the following steps when seeking an additional source of income.

With this product, based on the category done-for-you research, designers can find some of the best jobs (gigs) on the platform. The reason for the creation of this product was to give tools to bloggers who need financial resources while their Blogging pursuits succeed. So it's been a pleasant surprise to see that the instantly downloadable report caters to a broader audience.

Jaime Portillo researched this compilation of opportunities based on his experience as a freelancer. When he's not blogging, he informs his designs with marketing data. The result is a cut-to-the-chase document that highlights some not-so-obvious opportunities available.

The product can be checked at: https://jaimeportillo.gumroad.com/l/design-gigs-fiverr