Standout Daycare Launches Training Platform As Child Care Industry Stabilizes

Standout Daycare announces that it has launched a training platform to provide daycare owners with the resources needed to overcome business challenges.

Online PR News – 11-November-2022 – Richmond, VA – Standout Daycare, an exclusive daycare accelerator and community that helps develop daycare businesses, announced today that it has launched a training platform to provide daycare owners with the resources and practices needed to overcome business challenges.

The training platform, primarily a networking hub for daycare owners, consists of courses and documentation on building a successful daycare business. It provides a walk-through of the requirements to launch a licensed daycare business and introduces members to exclusive funding options, marketing tools, and tax management techniques.

Daycare owners struggle with costs, building a solid business plan, and possessing capital for supplies. Beyond the financial challenges, they also face logistical issues such as preparing their home or center for state inspections, finding and retaining certified staff, and executing day-to-day operations. In addition, with the intense competition among daycares around the country, it has become more difficult for daycare owners to make their business stand out in the market.

HiMama’s Childcare Center Benchmark Report shows that the industry is slowly healing after the severe hit it took from the pandemic. Before COVID-19, the occupancy rate of a daycare center was 88%. During the lockdown, it went down to 59%. In 2022, HiMama revealed that this rate has increased to around 73% — with one-third of centers reporting an occupancy rate of more than 90%. Similarly, the percentage of centers reporting understaffed increased, from 2019 to 2020, by around 8%. However, this percentage dropped by 16% by the end of 2021. Revenues took the biggest hit during the pandemic, where daycare centers reported a 63% revenue decrease. The following year, this percentage dropped to 48%.

“We acknowledge the challenges daycare owners face and believe that Standout Daycare steps up to provide daycare owners with the right tools and methods to build a safe place for parents and children from the ground up,” says Standout Daycare Founder Dana Bowser. “We realize that daycare owners need to feel more supported and appreciated as they take care of our precious gifts, our children.”

In Standout’s knowledge-sharing space, owners can discuss difficulties and success stories related to children's activities, curricula, and more, thus creating a community that supports one another. For example: sharing resources and information about facilities.

The platform also provides one-to-one and group coaching, annual grants and features one daycare every month in its newsletter and social media channels.

About Standout Daycare
Standout Daycare, a daycare accelerator and community established in Richmond, Virginia, was founded in October 2022 to help daycare owners build a business from the ground up and for them to achieve a profitable business model. The company aims to build a community designed exclusively for daycare providers who are passionate about children and to help them launch, grow and scale their daycare business so that they stand out.
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