MadNotes app - minimalistic, browser’s new tab text editor. Loved by devs and easy for everyone.

The Department of Web has just released an initial version of its first browser extension - MadNotes.

Online PR News – 04-November-2022 – Torun, Poland – The Department of Web has just released an initial version of its first browser extension - MadNotes. It's a simple tool for note-taking and storing content, links, and code snippets that you want to have on hand.

The free demo version includes features like a rich text editor, markdown support, and local saving.

You can download MadNotes from the Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browser stores.
Or try it on the web at

The Story
For starters, MadNotes was intended to be an internal tool for streamlining computer work and capturing snippets of notes and links in the Department of Web team. Many of us use similar tab notepads, but the available tools are not good enough.
Poor features and outdated design - it's not to our taste. Therefore, we decided to combine all our needs and create our tool.
During one of the first brainstorming sessions, we concluded that we couldn't keep such a good idea just for ourselves, and that's how MadNotes went to the public.

It is ideal for people who work a lot switching between tabs. They can be marketers, programmers, journalists, and students; everyone will find something for themselves in MadNotes. It will work well as a tool for taking quick notes or editing long forms on the fly. The availability of your content, always in a new tab, can streamline your tasks and save time to focus on your work.

Application development and planned features.

Currently, the application is available in an initial version, which stays free forever.

It allows you to create one note on one device and edit text on the fly with markdown support.

The planned development of the MadNotes app will include a paid PRO version, which, in addition to a notepad, will be a good planning&productivity tool.

Planned features

Note synchronization between multiple devices
Unlimited docs
Privacy Settings & Encryption
Dark & Light Mode

The PRO version is planned for early next year, but you can sign up for the Waitlist today and get free access to all features for 3 months.

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