Hardpops becomes the official ‘boozy ice pop’ of NHL’s Florida Panthers

Hardpops ‘ice pops for grownups’ has teamed up with NHL’s Florida Panthers & FLA Live Arena, in a partnership deal as the team’s official ‘boozy ice pop.’

Online PR News – 01-November-2022 – Los Angeles, California – Hardpops (the “Company”) ‘ice pops for grownups’ has teamed up with the National Hockey League (NHL)’s Florida Panthers (the “team”) & FLA Live Arena (the “facility”), in a multi-year partnership deal as the team’s official ‘boozy ice pop.’

As part of the partnership:

Hardpops is officially a proud partner of the Florida Panthers and FLA Live Arena.
Hardpops is designated as the official alcoholic ice pop of the Florida Panthers.
Hardpops receives custom-branded bar to be operated during all Florida Panthers regular season home games at FLA Live Arena.
Hardpops advertising displayed at every home game and concert to take place at the facility, including on digital menu boards, and LED ribbonboards throughout the facility.
“75 & Sunny” promotion for fans to enjoy Hardpops at a special weather-dependent price on home game days.

Hardpops and the Florida Panthers officially announce their two-year partnership, as part of Hardpops’ debut in the South Florida market. The California-based brand is riding waves of support along a rising tide of public nostalgia, as their hip and delicious ‘boozy’ refreshments gain traction from coast to coast. Frequently spotted in-hand at LA’s hottest hangouts, rooftops, and pool-side gatherings, Hardpops has officially made the leap into east coast expansion in partnering with the Florida Panthers and FLA Live Arena.

"We're excited to partner with a fun and unique company like Hardpops to offer fans a cool and refreshing cocktail popsicle while at FLA Live Arena," said Panthers Chief Operating Officer Bryce Hollweg.

Panthers fans and concert-goers can expect to keep cool with Hardpops boozy ice pops during their next visit to FLA Live Arena. The women-owned and operated beverage brand is breaking the ice, so to speak, with their nostalgic lineup of adult ice pops available in unique flavor profiles like Yuzu & Mango, as well as classic favorites such as Mojito.

“Hardpops are made with 100% natural flavors, colors, and premium wine,” says Hardpops Co-Founder Sheereen Price. “We like to call them ‘nostalgic moments of icy bliss, grown up-ified.’”

Hardpops’ partnership with the Florida Panthers includes in-arena digital marketing, activations, a custom-branded bar, and more.

In a recent press release, The Florida Panthers shared: “Fans can enjoy a new season-long promotion [called] '75 and Sunny' presented by Hardpops. When the temperature is above 75 degrees and sunny, the

Panthers will offer a special price of $7.50 for Hardpops alcoholic popsicles on the CITY Lounge by CITY Furniture for fans to purchase and enjoy pregame.”

“We’re incredibly proud and excited to share this announcement. We couldn’t ask for a better partner to kick off Hardpops’ launch in Southern Florida, and we’re grateful to the organization for their shared commitment and enthusiasm for this partnership,” says Hardpops co-founder Gabrielle Mustapich. “As Canadian-born founders, the hockey element of our brand’s expansion is as ironic as it is obvious,” adds Mustapich, whose family’s hockey roots run deep, as a cousin of three-time Stanley Cup champion Joe Sakic.

“The first time someone enjoys a Hardpop, we usually hear something along the lines of ‘this is so nostalgic,’” shares Price. “That’s what it’s all about. Creating that nostalgic experience, but with better-quality ingredients. Add a little grown-up ‘kick,’ hold the blue tongue.”

“Aside from the nostalgic effect, and being the perfect cool-down cocktail, some of the other ‘reasons to love’ we've heard from customers are that Hardpops offer a tamper-proof drink option, or a way to participate without committing to a full cocktail. We love that,” adds Mustapich.

This landmark partnership is a major step in Hardpops’ US expansion, amidst the growing alcoholic ice pop sector. The brand’s founders hint at several new and unique upcoming flavor profiles, and retail expansion.

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