Nihara Hareesh of ‘Lost Words’ Fame Announces Debut Novel ‘Unlovable’

Dubai based Indian writer Nihara Hareesh announced her debut novel and 5th book "Unlovable"

Online PR News – 28-October-2022 – Dubai – Dubai based Indian writer Nihara Hareesh announced her debut novel and 5th book, Unlovable, on Thursday October 2022. This is her first novel since her debut in 2017 and the plot follows a series of love triangles, hate, betrayal, friendship and everything in between. A coming of age story intervened with struggles of adulting.

“Unlovable” ticks all the necessary boxes for a romance novel, trope and plot-wise. Its grumpy-sunshine, meet-cute, just friends, forced proximity and love triangle. It satisfies the cravings of a casual romance reader.

The plot revolves around Nisha Kumar, a scholarship student from South India who found herself in New Delhi pursuing a dream against all odds... her parents even! New city, culture and people. This new world is her oyster. She is quick to catch the attention of two of the most interesting men of the campus - "The Greek God" Rivan and "The Book Boy" Felix. From teens to adulthood - a journey with mixed emotions.

Nihara Hareesh is many things- a lifestyle blogger, A TEDx speaker, an entrepreneur, a singer, film-maker and an avid traveller.

Originally from Kerala, India, she currently resides in Dubai. She graduated from Amity University Haryana in journalism and from New York Film Academy in Hi-Def Filmmaking.

She started her own lifestyle website ‘Lifestyle Glossary’ back in 2015. Since then she has worked with over 400 brands and spends most of her time writing and documenting her wanderlust conquests.She began writing at the age of 11. She had won multiple prizes for her poetry and short stories. Her first short story was published in 2008 called ‘We Always Hurt the Ones We Love’ in Gokulam magazine India. Her first cover story about the safety of women in India was published in ‘The Hindu’ New Delhi edition back in June 2014. Nihara is also a TEDx speaker who recently delivered a speech on 'Power In Vulnerability' in Dubai. She also co-founded and owns a media agency named “Hyperlinks Media” along with her husband, Rachit Sawal, in Dubai. It was said that her poetry collection drew real life experiences with her husband and family. She believes in the profound power of storytelling and credits her passion for books for shaping who she is today.

‘Unlovable’ is set to release on Christmas Day December 25th 2022 worldwide.