Ashlyn Durel Releases Her Debut Single 'I'll Never Leave'

A haunting ballad addressed to the anxiety and depression-ridden, I’ll Never Leave boasts achingly beautiful melodies and a stunning composition.

Online PR News – 25-October-2022 – Charleston, SC – Ashlyn wrote her debut single 3 years ago after finding her college roommate broken on the bathroom floor. Worried for her friend, Ashlyn penned a heartfelt message she hoped would somehow ease the pain.

“I found her [the roommate] cutting when I came home for the night and spent the whole night proofing our room…locking all the pills, blades, and sharp objects in my guitar case,” she explains. “After weeks of deliberating and watching her hurt, I finally made the decision to get her family and our residence life team involved. I was horrified at the thought of coming home to a body, but even MORE horrified at the idea of not doing anything to stop it. This song is a message for my friend and anyone who struggles with these debilitating thoughts.”

Ashlyn has always turned to songwriting as an emotional outlet and a form of self-expression. After six years of writing on anything and everything, she’s amassed quite a catalog of works.

“It was a difficult decision, choosing which song would be my first to share in a bigger way. I started posting some of my “bedroom demos”---really very low production acoustic stuff—on YouTube this past summer, but deciding which of my songs to release as my debut was more impactful.”

Ashlyn’s goal has always been to connect authentically with her audience through music. It’s only fitting that her debut would be a deeply personal and introspective piece aimed to soothe any struggling souls who hear it. “I know I'm not enough to make everything better, but I'm not going anywhere. Music has profoundly impacted the course of my life and I hope that my authenticity and vulnerability can help others feel seen and accepted.”

Before I’ll Never Leave was even slated for release, it moved an audio engineer [Direk Sam] from the Philippines so much that he offered to mix and master the track free of charge. Ashlyn was beyond touched by his generosity and was thoroughly impressed with his contributions to the track. “I’m still in school and don’t have much extra for my music at this point, but I had to pay him something for his work.” Sam’s big-hearted gift and a Fiverr-crafted music video enabled Ashlyn to release her debut on a shoestring budget of only thirty dollars.

A haunting ballad addressed to the anxiety and depression-ridden, I’ll Never Leave boasts achingly beautiful melodies and a stunning composition. I’ll Never Leave will be officially released on October 25, 2022. It was arranged by Ashlyn Durel and Direk Sam and recorded by Ashlyn in her home studio in North Charleston. Ashlyn plans to continue releasing more music in 2023. “It took me six years to get started, but the encouragement and connections I’m making with my audience spurs me on. I’m looking at at least a few more singles in the winter, and maybe an EP a little further down the road.”