Innomaint EAM Launched the Most Advanced Asset Tracking 2.0 Feature @GITEX 2022 Event

Innomaint EAM Launched the Most Advanced Asset Tracking 2.0 Feature @GITEX 2022 Event in dubai.

Online PR News – 21-October-2022 – Chennai,India – Innomaint, known for being at the forefront of providing best-of-breed technologies that hit the market to its customers, has lived up to its reputation by launching the most advanced Asset Tracking feature in the EAM market at its stall in the GITEX 2022 event.

InnoMaint delegates presented the premiere to their guests, including Mr. Rashed al Yafei - the Director of operations at SANED Facility Management, UAE, part of Sharjah asset management, the investment arm of the Sharjah government.

Real-time asset tracking

Remarkably, the launched feature is an advanced one in the CMMS market. Asset-centric industries possessing assets that may be moved frequently as a partial requirement of business operations derive maximum benefit from the feature.

It involves mounting BLE/RFID beacons on assets. These beacons continuously broadcast their current position. A compatible reader, deployed within a range, receives the signals.
Technicians who need to work on maintenance of the moving assets can easily see the concerned asset movement via their mobile app. This precise asset tracking technology can be implemented in a simple wireless set-up at 2x data transfer speeds using BLE/RFID/NFC technology.

It helps facilities put the moving assets to ideal use for the core business operations. The mechanism saves hundreds of hours wasted on searching for missing equipment.

Revolutionize the way of managing active assets to achieve end-to-end transparency in asset tracking. It’s high time to raise the standards of facility service.

Traceability as a service!