MOBALON Presents New $1 Million Dollar Mobile Salon BUS Sponsorship Program

New Program benefiting over 100 Newly Created Black-Owned Businesses awarding fully funded Turn-key Mobile Salon Bus Businesses by May 2023.

Online PR News – 21-October-2022 – Dallas, Texas – MOBALON Inc is looking to raise $10 Million Dollars by partnering with Ten (10) Sponsors in the form of Celebrities, Actors, Athletes, Music Artists, Millionaire Entrepreneurs, and Product/Service Companies to help fund the build-out of over 100 (Black Owned) Mobile Salon Bus Businesses. Mobile Salons are brand-new Shuttle Buses customized and converted into Mobile Barber Shops and Mobile Beauty Salons. These 100, “Turn-Key” Mobile Salon Bus businesses will be issued to over 100 expertly selected and trained Barbers, Stylists, Nail and Massage professionals who are deserving People of Color in the Barber & Beauty Industry. Mobalon has Mobile Salons that are owned and operated by people of all different races, colors, and cultures, but there is an embarrassing discrepancy and imbalance in the number of Black Owned Businesses compared to all the others in the “Mobile Salon Division,” so Mobalon is out to fix that disparity.

Mobalon’s Mobile Salon Buses cost approximately $100,000 each so they are calling on the Top 10 Sponsors that sign up to support this movement to put in $1 Million each creating 10 Black Owned Businesses (B.O.B.) for a total of One Hundred (100) Mobile Salon Buses to operate in the NEW “Black Owned Business Mobile Salon Division” (B.O.B.M.S.D.)! If companies or individuals wish to fund and sponsor only one or two Mobile Salon Buses at $100,000, then they can do so by contacting the Owner, Mr. Ronnie Mac, “COACH” for wiring instructions, so it can be allocated to the program through Salon FundRaiser. The new B.O.B.M.S.D. will operate nationwide because “Everyone Has Hair and everyone wants their Barbers or Hair Stylists to come to them and do their hair right there in their home driveways or right outside their jobs.”

“You don’t see Mobile Salon Buses rolling around the streets everywhere, yet you do see everybody with hair everywhere… This is the “Ground Floor Opportunity” that everyone looks for like when Starbucks, Google, Netflix, Tesla, and many others were getting started.” - COACH MAC

***The Way It Works***
Salon FundRaiser is the first-ever and ONLY Crowd-Funding website created for the Barber & Beauty Industry. This website was built to help Professionals in the industry raise money for their Campaigns, Projects, Businesses, Events, Products, and anything else that is directly related to the Barber & Beauty Industry. Professionals across the country are using this platform to raise money for industry-related endeavors. Salon FundRaiser also has a Sponsor Money Matching program where Sponsors & Donors will Match whatever Money the Barbers & Stylists have raised in their Salon FundRaiser campaigns and in return, Mobalon will Double that company’s advertising dollars on and inside the Mobile Salon Buses, as well as, all throughout the entire Hair Art, Mobalon, and Shops & Salons NETWORK divisions.

All licensed Barber & Beauty Professionals can sign up to be interviewed and evaluated for the Mobile Salon Bus funding program by signing up on the Free Crowd-Funding website or by contacting COACH MAC directly at 800-406-7711 or e-mailing to sign up. When these Barber & Beauty Professionals from all over the world sign up, they will be evaluated on several aspects about themselves and their business, but mostly Mobalon will be reviewing the campaigns these future Mobile Salon Owners create to raise money for their Mobile Salon Bus Businesses.

“Judging by how you represent yourself in your Salon FundRaiser Campaign, as well as, the support you raise from your family, friends, and customers you will be evaluated by Mobalon and our Top Ten Sponsor Group to be chosen to receive a fully funded $100,000 Mobile Salon Bus.” - Mr. Ronnie Mac “COACH”

After each lucky Barber or Beauty Industry professional is chosen, they will proceed to train under COACH MAC in the new online Mobile Salon SCHOOL at Upon successfully completing the Mobile Salon Training Program, they will receive their Mobile Salon Operators License (M.S.O.L.). This license is issued by The Mobile Salon NETWORK and is what guarantees to the Sponsors and Supporters giving money to these programs that these future Mobile Salon Operators are now Skilled, Trained Professionals who are worthy of their donations and their support. This program is designed to find the most professional and dedicated licensed individuals who will use these newly awarded Mobile Salon Buses to serve their local communities and best represent their Sponsors and the Mobile Salon NETWORK.

Mobalon is proud to be a B.O.B. and is now providing the opportunity for wealthy individuals and companies to help build more Black Owned Businesses (B.O.B.) through these Mobile Salon Bus Sponsorships and Investment Programs. Mobalon will be building these Mobile Salon Buses as they sign each of their $1 Million Dollar Top Ten Sponsors and will present the Winners of the 100 B.O.B.M.S.D. with their New Mobile Salon Buses at the Annual 2023 Mobile Salon Expo being held in Dallas, Texas at the State Fair Park Automobile Building on May 7 - 8, 2023.

Coach Mac, uses the proverb, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and He Feeds Himself for a Lifetime,” as one of the main principles for his business. Putting Brothers & Sisters in their own Mobile Salon Businesses is the most powerful and most effective way to support the African American community and give back without creating a total dependence for survival. Despite the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mobile Salon Buses were still able to run and do business because inside the safe and sanitary environment of the Mobile Salon Bus, it is just the professional and their client taking advantage of social distancing and not being around a lot of people like inside the brick & mortar salons. This is believed to be the most effective position to take to truly help people of color to build a stronger future for themselves and their families, thus reducing the racial disparity gap.

Black Owned Businesses Mobile Salon Division (B.O.B.M.S.D.) is also teaming up with Mr. Mac’s Non-Profit Charity called HHH (Haircuts for the Helpless & Homeless). Now, with the help of MOBALON, B.O.B.M.S.D., and our Top Ten Sponsors, HHH Charity is “Going Mobile,” so we will be able to connect with and help enormous amounts of people and expand all around the world.
Coach Mac says, “If you look good, you feel good. And if you feel good, you do good.”

MOBALON Building New ELECTRIC Mobile Salon Buses for New Mobile Salon Franchising
Mr. Hair Art ADVERTISING in the Hair on Real People’s Heads
Mobalon going Public and Launching New Mobile Salon Appointment Booking App like Uber
Hair Art NETWORK T.V. Now Broadcasting inside Mobile Salon Buses Nation-Wide
MOBALON sponsoring a National B.O.B. Sponsorship Day in February (Black History Month) to increase support for black-owned businesses.

Ronnie Mac, also known as Mr. Hair Art and “COACH”, because of his work as a Business Efficiency Expert & Life Coach has been in the Barber & Beauty Industry for over 27 Years. Mr. Ronnie Mac owns Mobalon Inc, Mobile Salon Network LLC, the Hair Art NETWORK, and the Shops & Salons NETWORK home of Salon He is looking for innovative and forward-thinking individuals and companies to partner with to launch Mobile Salons around the World because “Hair is Everywhere”.

Inquiries and interested parties can contact Mr. Mac directly at (800) 406-7711, ext. 1, or go to