OrderB4 Engages with Awesome 3D Cards for New Technology Subsidiary

Awesome 3D Cards and OrderB4 partnered to thank supporters through the creation of a hand-crafted appreciation card.

Online PR News – 17-October-2022 – Austin, TX – OrderB4 is a multi-brand software for ghost kitchens and virtual brands, created by FourBurner Technologies. Because it supplies end-to-end systems for digital operations, the company’s team spends a lot of time online. This makes physical interactions that much more special. With the aim to impress new clients in 2019, OrderB4 had its logo transformed into an eye-catching 3D version. Awesome 3D Cards quite literally made it pop, as a tall, two-sided model. The use of OrderB4’s branded shade of orange on the cover and text within the card adds to the visual intrigue. FourBurner Technologies provided these cards at the launch of their new technology subsidiary to show their gratitude to their supporters.

“Not only did Harlow help us through the process of what and how to present in the card, but our customers and investors have given great feedback,” CEO Randy Murphy said. “A very different (and memorable) way to say thank you, and definitely has kept us top of mind as these cards don’t get thrown away!”

Rather than using a flat card that anyone can purchase from the store, Awesome 3D Cards offers custom pop up models that are catered to individual businesses. This allows for a one-of-a-kind experience that the recipient will always remember. When used as client appreciation cards, they are an excellent tool that increases retention and acquisition. Awesome 3D Cards stands by the belief that business success comes from both internal and supporting roles. By investing in meaningful marketing materials, any industry type is capable of capturing the attention of its audience. Over the course of the last few years, Awesome 3D Cards has continued to encourage a blend of customer delight and artistry to empower organizations.

Awesome 3D Cards designs and creates unique 3D pop up cards for businesses and organizations. To learn more, visit https://awesome3dcards.com/