The WorldTimes Today Book Tour!

The year-ender books & magazines tour beginning in November 2022 will start in Ontario Canada, then to Australia, the UK & Auckland, New Zealand!

Online PR News – 16-October-2022 – Mississauga, ON, Canada – Online news & info company, The WorldTimes Today, will be launching its year-ender book tour and will benefit modern-day authors from all genres!

This is designed to start in Ontario, Canada, then to Australia and the UK & Auckland, New Zealand! Target starting date will be Novermber 2022 and the tour should be completed by the end of the year! The Company will be partnering with retail stores, outlets and bookstores and will be displaying quality books, paintings and magazines in strategically located areas! This is a literary promotion program that is designed to expose to the next generation the wonderful writings, works and creations of authors and artists alike!

The WorldTimes Today will be announcing soon the venues and advertisements that will be made such as ads and posters as well as digital information campaign!
All proceeds will go to the respective authors, creators and owners of such works. The aim and objective is to fill the world with quality literary works and creations!

To promote creativity and entrepreneurship!

Stay tuned for more! And we encourage every writer, author and creator to participate in this wonderful event!

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