Announcing Release of 'Coward's Truth: A Novel of the Heart Eternal #1' by Christian Warren Freed

Announcing Release of "Coward's Truth: A Novel of the Heart Eternal #1" by Christian Warren Freed

Online PR News – 16-October-2022 – Raleigh, North Carolina – The first in a new and exciting series, the book is “an adventure across the desert from Ghendis Ghadanaban to Rhorrmere that'll have you clearing your schedule and turning off your phone until you reach the last page.”

This science fiction fantasy features a unique world where the god king Omoraum Dala'gharis has been killed. Shock spreads throughout the city of Heart Eternal for no one knew that a god king could be killed. Those closest to Lord Dala'gharis are clueless. How did someone get close enough to kill the god king, and how did they know how to do it? A new god king wasn't meant to take over for 700 years, who will fill the void and prevent the collapse of the city in the midst of civil war?

"Drenched in the blood of his minions, Razazel cast his head back and roared at the heavens. Born again with renewed purpose, he knew what he needed to do and where he needed to go. Far away to the west was the object of his obsession. Ghendis Ghadanaban. The Heart Eternal. Scene of his worst crime and his place for retribution. He began to walk."

Coward's Truth is a must-read for fantasy lovers. The first in a series, readers can start here and strap in for a wild ride through Heart Eternal.

“It has everything from gods to space soldiers and humans out of their element. With a little something for everyone, don't be surprised if you find yourself unable to put the book down until you know the fate of young Aldon.” – Entrada Book Review

The print edition of Coward's Truth: A Novel of the Heart Eternal #1 is now out and available for sale on Barnes and Noble, Waterstones, Indigo Books, Amazon, Books a Million and more.

“On an alien world the murder of a ‘living god’ creates opportunities for various factions who want to take over the ‘Heart Eternal’ and assume rulership. With several subplots all going at once, Freed keeps your attention and engages you to the end. The characters are well developed and easy to love, or hate. However in some cases it will take a while to figure out which side they are on, because of their hidden agendas. There is a good balance of political subterfuge, military strategy, outright fighting, and sci-fi and mythical creatures. The book was great distraction while traveling and I highly recommend it.” – Moot P., an Amazon Reviewer.

About Christian Warren Freed
Christian W. Freed was born in Buffalo, N.Y. more years ago than he would like to remember. After spending more than 20 years in the active-duty US Army he has turned his talents to writing. Since retiring, he has gone on to publish over 25 military fantasy and science fiction novels, as well as his memoirs from his time in Iraq and Afghanistan, a children's book, and a pair of how to books focused on indie authors and the decision making process for writing a book and what happens after it is published.

His first published book (Hammers in the Wind) has been the #1 free book on the Amazon eBookstore four times and he holds a fancy certificate from the L Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest, the largest fiction writing contest in the world.

Passionate about history, he combines his knowledge of the past with modern military tactics to create an engaging, quasi-realistic world for the readers.

He graduated from Campbell University with a degree in history and a Masters of Arts degree in Digital Communications from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

He currently lives outside of Raleigh, N.C. and devotes his time to writing, his family, and their two Bernese Mountain Dogs. If you drive by you might just find him on the porch with a cigar in one hand and a pen in the other.