Save The Hamster NFT Charity Launches to raise awareness and funds for animal welfare in Hong Kong

Animal lovers, creators, and marketers create Save the Hamsters NFTs to support the Hong Kong Lifelong Animal Protection (LAP) charity.

Online PR News – 14-October-2022 – Central Hong Kong – Today, Tokens of Hope ( launched an NFT (Non-fungible tokens) charity project, Save the Hamsters, in support of Hong Kong animal welfare charity Lifelong Animal Protection (LAP). LAP’s mission is to care for and protect animals that have been abandoned in Hong Kong.

Tokens of Hope will begin the sale of their Save the Hamsters NFTs on their website ( on Sep 27, 2022. Their aim is to memorialize the 2,000 hamsters that were culled during a Covid-19 preventative exercise in January 2022, through NFTs that feature the different faces of the beloved hamsters. All proceeds from the NFT sale, minus administrative and operational costs, will be donated to Lifelong Animal Protection to support animal welfare.
"Save the Hamsters’ is a reaction to the culling of 2,000 hamsters in Hong Kong. We want to create something positive from this sad news by raising funds to donate to charity. We are using NFTs as a vehicle to bring awareness to and raise funds for important causes." said Lawrence Lo, Tokens of Hope.

About LAP (
In recent months, due to COVID cases rising and stringent policies, there has been an increase in the number of animals who are being abandoned or left behind by owners who are moving overseas. This news is saddening and LAP is very committed to rescuing animals, sheltering stray cats and dogs, and finding the animals a permanent home. LAP is run by a team of volunteers who love animals. Since 2003, LAP has established itself as one of the major charities in Hong Kong that rescues animals from tragic circumstances. Their mission is to give every animal a loving home.

About Tokens Of Hope (
NFTs or non-fungible tokens are digital art collectibles represented by code on a blockchain. Each NFT can be bought and sold like a physical item, but the blockchain keeps an unalterable record of its ownership and transaction history. Tokens of Hope was born from the ashes of the latest Hong Kong hamster tragedy. Our mission is to tokenize hope. To highlight and support some of the world’s biggest problems, by shining a light on them, and providing funding to the causes that affect each and every one of us. We’re starting with Save the Hamsters, but it won’t end there. Tokens of Hope will continue to generate new ideas and NFT art, to raise funds for the causes we care about.