Michael D. Teague Wants to Start a Relaunch Revolution With Baby Boomers

Michael's book, Relaunch! How to Redesign Your Career and Life, is being independently published.

Online PR News – 06-October-2022 – Middlesex, NJ – If there's one thing that Michael Teague knows well, it is being a Baby Boomer. Michael was born on August 4th, 1964. If there's another thing Michael knows well, it is how to relaunch a life. Michael has relaunched his life over twenty times during his adult life. Here are some of the ways in which he has done it:
>> From marriage to divorce.
>> From parenting while married to parenting as a single dad.
>>From chronic illness to health again.
>> From being physically abused from the time he was five until he was sixteen, then emotionally abused by his mother from the time he was sixteen to fifty-seven.
>> From being terminated to being re-employed.

In a real sense, Michael has created a relaunch revolution in his own life, and he has done this by developing a series of seven, actionable strategies that have helped him to do it. They are the following:
1. Accept the Reality
2. Process the Pain
3. Examine the Terrain
4. Create a Relaunch Plan
5. Get to Work
6. Take Advantage of Every Opportunity
7. Assess and Re-Commit

In his upcoming book, Relaunch! How to Redesign Your Career and Life, Michael discusses these seven strategies and uses his story, current-day realities, and the stories of others to teach Baby Boomers how to relaunch their lives. As Michael says, "I have lived the relaunch journey. It has been painful, frustrating, and challenging. Yet as I teach others, I had to push through to get through. As a result, I have successfully relaunched my life and I want to help Baby Boomers do the same."

Albeit difficult for Baby Boomers at times to affect change, it is necessary. The Great Resignation has motivated some Baby Boomers to leave the workplace altogether, while others have been forced out. Mid-life can be a time of reflection, revisiting, and, at times, fear and trepidation regarding what one would do with the rest of one’s life. For any Baby Boomer in this situation, it is time to relaunch.

Michael says this: "We are never too old to make a change in our lives. The first step is to realize that we must. Often, a crisis in one’s life or transition can serve as the seedbed from which profound change, and, by extension, relaunching will occur."

Michael's book, Relaunch! How to Redesign Your Career and Life, is being independently published. For more information about this book, please visit: http://www.michaeldteague.com.

Michael is a professional with 30 years of experience across industries. He offers coaching to Baby Boomers who seek personalized attention as they work to relaunch.

Michael can be reached at info@michaeldteague.com or 908-644-4122.