Here and Nao: The Clariden School Leads Fort Worth Area Schools in Embracing Humanoid Robotics

The Clariden School is now home to the Nao Robot, the world’s most advanced humanoid robot.

Online PR News – 04-October-2022 – Southlake, Texas – The Clariden School is now home to the Nao Robot, the world’s most advanced humanoid robot. Capable of human-like movements, real-time communication, and tangible interactions, Nao will transform education and the robotics program at Clariden.

Nao Robot provides a hands-on way for educators to teach computer science, robotics, coding, programming, mechanics, and electronics. The humanoid comes equipped with Choregraphe, an award-winning software designed for new and advanced users alike. Developed alongside educators in the field, Nao offers a spectrum of fully advanced lesson plans and activities for any subject area teachers in grades 4 through 12. Clariden’s Nao Robot V6, Nao’s latest version, serves as a learning platform to teach core subjects like reading, writing, and mathematics. The robot provides a hands-on experience that truly revolutionizes students' learning.

“The storytelling feature is what I am most excited about,” says Christi Chaka, Clariden’s STEAM Educator. “The students will be able to program Nao to read their personal narratives that they have written in ELAR. With Nao's expressive features, this will really bring their personal stories to life in a fun and innovative way.”

Clariden’s Lead Upper School Educator, David Mathews, says, “One area I'm very excited about is NAO having conversations with students in languages such as Spanish, French, or Japanese. This will add a new level of mastery of languages students are already learning. I would also like students to eventually program NAO to use sign language while speaking to increase accessibility to the technology.”

Nao came to Clariden through an anonymous donor who is “excited to see the potential embedded in the humanoid robot come to fruition in the hands of the teachers and students at The Clariden School.”