Notable Performance by Ukician’s in Board Exam Results,2022.

A glance into the prodigious feats of the students of UKIC in the Gujarat Board Exams results in March,2022.

Online PR News – 04-October-2022 – Ahmedabad,Gujarat – A glance into the prodigious feats of the students of UKIC in the Gujarat Board Exams results in March,2022.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat: Students of the top commerce institute of the city, Udayan Kachchhy Institute of Commerce (UKIC), which strives for excellence with innovative student oriented study techniques combine with technology have performed exceptional in the recent 12th Gujarat Board Results held in March.

Upon percentage analysis of the assessment, It is revealed that 21% of Students of UKIC have secured more than 90% of marks in the main 4 subjects. While, 33% of students have garnered more than 85% in the main 4 subjects. 64% of students have more than 75% while a massive tally of 70% of students have more than 70% in the main 4 subjects respectively. UKIC’s very own students, Nandni Shah has secured 59th Rank in the board exams and Yax Jani has secured 82nd rank in the board results respectively.

Believing in the modern teaching methods, UKIC’s very own online education portal ‘UKIC ONLINE’ has been an effective tool in students’ learning technique. “After Pandemic, it was essential for us to try and push the studious side of our students and our joint efforts have bear us fruitful results in the Board Results. With the help of UKIC ONLINE, Students were able to access modules anytime they want which helped them in solving their doubts making teaching more effective.” Says Udayan Kachchhy, Founder of UKIC.

Glancing upon the overall grade analysis of all mediums in the board exams, 0.63% of Students of Gujarat board have secured A1 rank whereas 24% of UKICIANS have secured the A1 rank. With 7.59% of students in Gujarat board have A2 rank, 24% students of UKIC have secured A2 rank.

Comparing the total results, The total results of Gujarat State stands at 86.91%. with Ahmedabad (City + Rural) stands at 80.9%. The total results of UKIC stands at remarkable 99%. Highest marks totaled at 99/100 have been accumulated in the Accountancy and Statistics subjects in the board exams by prodigies of UKIC, thereof eyeing for continuance in excellence in future.

About UKIC: Udayan Kachchhy Institute of Commerce - UKIC, Ahmedabad’s leading commerce institute is founded by Prof. Udayan Kachchhy in 2015. Specializing in providing Hands-on learning rather than the conventional bookish teaching practiced everywhere. At UKIC, students study under expert tutelage since all faculties are experts in their respective fields.Believing that quality education is the key to any individual's progress and Helping students to taste the elixir of success by adopting modern teaching methods, well-structured pedagogy with extra guest lectures, on field trips focusing on students outside- the classroom- knowledge. For more information, contact +91 70460 94587, reach them via email at or you can browse their web at