New Book by Edward Bonner: Hazelwood - A Community Story

New York, NY – ADELAIDE BOOKS is proud to present the latest work by Edward Bonner: Hazelwood - A Community Story

Online PR News – 04-October-2022 – New York, NY – In his memoir, HAZELWOOD: A COMMUNITY STORY, Edward Bonner, an accomplished poet, writes about Hazelwood and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from the 1960’s to today. Booming years of the steel mills, civil unrests of 60’s and changes in the community over many years until today – all seen through the eyes of a young boy growing to adulthood.

Edward Bonner grew up in a rough area of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, a small mill town called Hazelwood. An avid outdoorsman, he holds degrees in business and aeronautics, an A&P license, and 6th degree black belt in Shotokan karate. He is the author of poetry collections One Kiss – Just One Kiss, Purple Dawn, Beauty and Wickedness, and Through the Eyes of a Lost Boy. A regular contributor to Adelaide Literary Magazine, he is the Finalist of the Adelaide Voices Literary Contest 2018.

Title: Hazelwood: A Community Story
Author: Edward Bonner
Publisher: Adelaide Books
Publisher Website:
Publisher Email:
ISBN: 978-1958419045
Price: $19.60
Page Count: 176 pages
Format: Paperback

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