Luda Rodin opens a large solo exhibition in Venice in October 2022

Italy, Venice, Scoletta dei Battioro e Tiraoro, 3.10 > 31.10, 11am - 7pm, Closed on Tuesday

Online PR News – 29-September-2022 – Venice – The stunning nugget artist opens her exhibition in a historic Venetian space - Scoletta dei Battioro e Tiraoro which was the seat of the guild of artisans manufacturing gold threads and leaves. From October, 3 it will be filled with picturesque monarch butterflies. We invite an international audience of art connoisseurs to visit the exhibition, get to know its author and her creative world.

How often do you notice butterflies? These unique little creatures. People are more and more preoccupied with their worries, and work, and are endlessly rushing somewhere.

Luda Rodin deliberately shows their beauty on large canvases so that for a moment we become smaller than they are. To notice them. To admire them, to stop, to think about them. Her works reveal the theme of contemplation.

The “Monarch’s Dreams” project is painting research on how the fragility of ecosystems and systems in general, may lead to the dissolution of social relationships and sound reference points and ways. The narrative of this exhibition is set on the problem of the extinction of Monarch butterflies. Their seemingly insignificant role in the ecosystem may soon play a cruel joke on humanity, creating a critical imbalance if the monarchs disappear. This tragic counterpoint is used by the artist to further develop a metaphor for the fragility of various complex systems, which may be destroyed if even the least important link were to be removed.

The famous «Butterfly effect», when some chaotic systems are vulnerable to the smallest influences, can be explained by the example given in Ray Bradbury's story "A Sound of Thunder": as a result of the murder of a butterfly in the Cretaceous period in the United States of the 20th century, another president was elected, and everything went downhill. That's what the Monarch Dreams project is about: minor changes and massive consequences, the beauty and fragility of the Monarch butterflies, and the efforts to create new social ties between various groups.

The first floor of Scoletta dei Battioro e Tiraoro building opens to a monumental panel that the artist has painted inside the gallery, referring to her previous murals, creating a space for social dialogue and building communities. The artist painted several walls in Miami that became centers of social attraction and helped establish new connections between community members and newcomers. Buddleia bushes, which are the main food source for the Monarch butterflies, are one of the only ways available to us to help slow down the extinction of butterflies and revive their population. Being planted in Venice, the bushes will attract the butterflies by becoming their new home. The flying angels blowing trumpets here serve as a metaphor that turning towards good is always possible, that one needs to hear, not ignore, and make a small effort to help the system on which so much depends to be sustained. The video above the fireplace in the room is a documentation of the murals made by the artist. The caterpillar there is, on one hand, a symbol of the most fragile part of the Monarch's life cycle, that suffers from the use of glyphosate in agriculture and, on the other hand, the adept of a new spiritual system – rebirth, resurrection.

The top floor is the culmination. It presents us here with the main characters, the Monarchs themselves, in all their splendor, as yet available to mankind. Here the butterflies become life yet remain symbols and allegories of certain feelings and emotions that the artist believes are essential to experience and appreciate. Gold foil in the paintings traces us to the history of the place of exhibition, which once belonged to the Guild of gilders.

The soundtrack for the exhibition consists of fragments of the Madame Butterfly opera performed by the artist’s close friend, the opera diva Svetlana Kasyan, a graduate of the Moscow Conservatory, who made her debut at the Bolshoi Theatre and went on to perform at La Fenice, Saint-Galene, the Roman Opera, and other major European theaters. The tragic masterpiece of Giacomo Puccini acts here as a formidable warning about the possible consequences of humanity's lack of attention to the details of relationships and the world around us, to events, emotions, virtues, and vices, and to the fact that a lot depends on even small butterflies.

Luda Rodin – is an emerging self-taught artist and a mother of five children who lives and works in New York. Her main medium is oil on canvas in a large-scale format. Her main field of research is the painting itself, how could we revisit it today and how can we use it to describe people’s emotions and relationships. With her exploration of the naïve method, Luda claims to use an intuitive approach to color, line, and spatial relationships to convey emotions. Her painting tends to be both figurative and abstract in order to give a sense of sincere energy coming through. Her aim is to transform the complexity of the relationships and feelings associated with them into the simplicity of lines and colors.

“In this body of works, I explore themes of community, individuality, relationship, and connection through bold, simplistic, and larger-than-life Monarch butterflies. With these pieces I am working on to inspire joy and reflection; the butterflies are a beautiful sight to behold, yet one that is endangered and fleeting. For me, butterflies are a testament to hope, rebirth, and authenticity.
Recently, I have started free-hand painting large wall murals using exterior wall paints, rendering the graceful butterflies in epic proportions in order to make people enjoy but also be aware of the themes I present”.
“I had the opportunity to see Ms. Rodina's 3D paintings up close during an installation project for a buyer of her paintings. Ms. Rodina's work is reminiscent of Warhol's pattern paintings from decades ago with a further weaving of lines between art and design. Brilliant!” - says Larry Meeker PhD-Art Commissioner Johnson County, and Former Board Chair of Art Museum Curators' Association - Kansas City USA.
“Luda! She is victorious in the world of arts and it is quite rare. Her work captured all: the colour, form and lines. This artist knows how to speak to the universe, and she does so in her language”, - says famous artist Oleg Tyrkin.
Venue: Italy, Venice, Scoletta dei Battioro e Tiraoro, open to the public 11 to 19 every day except Tuesday
Opening: October, 3 - 6 - 9 pm, RSVP -
Curator: Andrey Parshikov
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