Up-and-Coming Musician Alex Spencer Promotes His Debut Album, Crawl

New musician, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Alex Spencer is looking towards the release of his vicious debut album, Crawl.

Online PR News – 29-September-2022 – PROVIDENCE, RI – Alex Spencer’s biting, dark new album Crawl is approaching with an October 14, 2022 release. Spencer has previously released several instrumental singles, including “Tachycardia”, which A&R Factory describes as having “arrestingly sinister progressions”--and he hopes to bring this same feeling to his upcoming release. Crawl, with its punk-influenced sound, is a menacing attack on the woes of the world, kicking and screaming until the listener is enveloped in the universe it creates.

Spencer has been curating this album for years, and is ready for it to be heard. Having been a musician for almost his whole life–playing drums, violin, guitar, bass, harmonica, ukulele, and keyboard–he has been waiting for the opportunity to creatively express himself to the world. Every part of the album was created by Spencer, from the songwriting to production to promotion to album art. It was a project created from a deep passion for the musical experience.

As mentioned above, Spencer has been featured in A&R Factory with an incredibly warm and welcoming review of his single “Tachycardia”. Two singles have been released from the record—“Chelsea Hotel No. 1”, which has garnered hundreds of streams, and the brand-new “Black Picket Fence”. Spencer eagerly awaits the full release.