Celebrating the Soul of India in the Heart of the U.S.

Experience the magnetic presence of BK Sister Jayanti, spiritual leader, yogi of over 50 years of practice. Come, celebrate India's 75 years of independence!

Online PR News – 25-September-2022 – Chantilly, VA – Be blessed, empowered and inspired at the Soul of India celebration in honor of India’s 75 years of independence. Taking place on Tuesday, September 27, 6 p.m. to 8:00pm at 4350 Blue Springs Drive, Chantilly, VA, the celebrations will recognize and honor India’s values, spirituality, and gifts to the world. To inspire up all the attendees to rise above the current times and keep striving for the best life has to offer, and as a celebration of the real soul and values of India, the day will be articulated around the beauty of what India is known for: its spirituality, dance, music, and family values. Classical dance and vibrational singing will be accompanied by the sitar, creating a deeply spiritual experience for attendees. Beyond the entertainment and festivity, Soul Of India will be a day of connection. While each person get to enjoy the program, each soul within gets to raise its vibration, heal and be stimulated to a higher level. As our souls represent the spiritual and emotional nature embodied by each human being, through the unique expressions of Bharat (India in Hindi), Soul Of India will combine sounds, movements and lectures not only to celebrate the independence of a land but to free the souls and liberate our being through melodic vibration, frequencies, blessings in joy and kindness. Along with the leading members of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization, this unique day will be presented by Sister Jayanti Kirpalani, spiritual leader and additional main leader of the Brahma Kumaris, as she visits Washington DC from London on her East Coast Tour.

Sister Jayanti has dedicated her life to meditation, spiritual study, self-transformation and service to humanity, and has been an advocate for peace and empowerment for over 50 years. She is known for her beautiful presence of peace and purity – the moment she enters a space, everyone around is transported to a world of peace and inner love.

Sister Dr. Jenna, the founder of the Meditation Museum, host of the America Meditating Radio Show and global ambassador of Viome Health, will moderate the evening’s festivities. Sister Jenna serves as one of the Evolutionary Leaders in service to conscious evolution, was selected by Empower a Billion Women 2020 as one of 100 Most Influential Leaders of 2015.

She is a trusted spiritual mentor committed to bridging divides in societies and building relationships between global influencers. Her work has impacted lives around the globe, inspiring change and finding solutions to current day crises.
The event is free of charge and participants can register at http://www.tiny.cc/Soul_India_DC.
For the preservation of everyone’s health and wellbeing participants are asked to wear masks.