AM Industries has launched their Metal Scrap Management along with other recycling services

AM Industries is now a prolific name among the top recycling companies across India.

Online PR News – 25-September-2022 – Aurangabad, Maharashtra – AM Industries is now a prolific name among the top recycling companies across India. In the recent past, the business has also been highly appreciated by a few international organizations for their seamless services towards preserving the environment from the toxin exposures. AM Industries is already an established Plastic Scrap Company and wooden pallet manufacturer.

However, in the recent past, they have added metal scrap recycling services to their list. Several manufacturers from different industries have come forward to join hands with AM industries to remove the regular metal scrap they produce.

The company as claimed by Mr. Naresh Shah, “has successfully removed the metal scraps from various companies producing metal and plastic scraps on a regular basis and brings them to our facility.” The company is already well-known among industry manufacturers for having their own covered facility where they recycle the scrap. He also said with a tone of pride in his voice that “AM Industries provides the best Metal Scrap Management amongst our worthy contenders.”

AM Industries also claims to perform the work legally under the laws demonstrated by the Indian Penal Code for recycling to keep their clients and their own company on a safer zone. They provide a certificate for each recycling. According to a representative of the company- “the certificates prove that the recycling is done under the approval of the company under an authorized supervisor”. They have skilled and licensed authorized senior supervisors under whose direction the whole process is carried on.

While meeting the press, the director of AM industries, Mr. Mr. Naresh Shah “AM Industries is now directly involved with preserving our natural resources by embracing metal Scrap Management.” Followed by him, many others added to the fact, that how fast the natural reserves of the world are finishing up because of the massive mining. We can take the pledge to preserve our natural treasures by embracing metal scrap recycling.

The company proudly declared how they have successfully geared up with many manufacturers from several industries, showing interest to purchase recycled metal scraps. This is a noble initiative by AM Industries as confessed by many guests at the event. They’re taking a direct initiative to protect nature, as well as, creating jobs for many.
AM Industries’ metal scrap management is reaching skyrocketing success as along with offering the services, they also provide seminars and talk shows to increase awareness among people about recycling.

As justly said by Krishna Singh, Operations Head, AM Industries that “a single initiative can do a massive change.” Each company joining hands with the recyclers is doing a great favor to protect the environment.

The experts attending the press requested the people attending the event that this is a high time when we should say “No” to landfill dumping as threaten the environment that is changing drastically by causing fatal consequences to the living world. From human beings to oceanic animals, from birds to amoeba, every living being is threatened. So, go for recycling to save our world. With this note, AM Industries’ event came out to be a huge success.

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