OpenGrowth Webinar: How to Win at Every Situation: Understanding Negotiation Strategies

If you are well prepared before a negotiation, half of the battle is won.

Online PR News – 25-September-2022 – Palo Alto, California – OpenGrowth organized a webinar on 21st September 2022 on “How to Win at Every Situation: Understanding Negotiation Strategies”. The webinar was chaired by Siddhi Singh - Senior Network Project Manager, Shell India Markets Pvt Ltd and conducted by Akriti Verma, Co Founder, Director, Opengrowth.

This webinar gave insights on how to negotiate effectively and secure the deal. Siddhi Singh, said, “Never give your first offer in the opening remark! The art of storytelling is something you need to acquire. You cannot sit at the table and start speaking hard numbers”.

Addressing the struggles of the negotiation, she opined, “The best framework for negotiation is to prepare, persuade and counter to get the best deal. If you are well prepared before a negotiation, half of the battle is won. If you go on to build a rapport there is a golden chance that you would get some wonderful opportunity with the potential client and future prospects”. She also shared her successful negotiation strategies with us in this live session. However, this webinar redefined the necessity of proper closure, and how we can influence and persuade others effectively.

The participants also got the opportunity to win freebies and OpenGrowth Hub, a wonderful team collaboration tool access free for a month. The event concluded with Akriti Verma giving a closing note. She also highlighted various services offered by OpenGrowth and its initiatives, OpenGrowth Hub and OpenGrowth Community.

The event saw participation from students and professionals from various fields.

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