The ORB’s Gift From Heaven – New Book Release – September 22, 2022

Author E.A.Stark would like to announce the release of her new book - THE ORB’S GIFT FROM HEAVEN - a Supernatural, Spiritual, Romance.

Online PR News – 22-September-2022 – Toronto – In her latest book, The Orb’s Gift from Heaven, E.A.Stark shares the story of Hollywood star Sean Bradley, whose wife and daughter have a message from beyond the grave.

Spiritual Orbs have fascinated scientists for centuries. Their existence has yet to be proven and explained. Perhaps their approach is wrong. Shouldn’t we have faith and believe in the things we can not see but are there? Understand that there is a reason why orbs appear to us. A message. A purpose. A soul.

Four chapters into the book he purchased on a whim only hours before, Sean Bradley stops reading mid-sentence, already aware of how the story ends. Word for word, it describes his life in a nutshell, and the details are hauntingly accurate. Never having met author Evily Landy, the Hollywood star is angry she is profiting from his tragic past. Determined to find out who her sources were, prepared to ruin the woman’s career, Sean gathers clues from social media and finds her vacationing on the East Coast.
For the first time in years, traveling without an entourage or security, he lands in Boston, feeling out of his element. After a restless night’s sleep, he plans to deal with the author before she leaves her hotel for the day. Waiting patiently in the lobby for over an hour, the woman finally steps off the elevator with two teenage children. Not deviating from his approach, knowing it is now or never, Sean loudly blurts out the writer’s name to get her attention. The confrontation takes a surprising turn when their eyes meet. Without warning, his anger magically fades while sparks fly.
Dumbfounded to learn Evily Landy is expecting him, the mother of two stays on task. Throwing the famous actor into their hectic schedule, she promises to answer his questions throughout the day. Leery, Sean reluctantly agrees, not knowing if he can trust her. But when she divulges the source for her story is not one but two spiritual orbs and shares the names of the souls attached to each of them, his heart softens.
Over the next several days, Evily intuitively gifts the grieving man a profound supernatural experience that ignites his faith and sends his life in a new direction. Torn between the past and the present, he cannot ignore the strong connection he’s developed with the family of three. In the end, Sean Bradley discovers that meeting Evily Landy was not the only thing the orbs orchestrated from beyond the grave. He, too, was a heavenly miracle sent to save a family in peril.

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THE ORB’S GIFT FROM HEAVEN is available in print /ebook through Amazon and many other retailers worldwide.