Indepak Now Offers State-of-the-art Food Packaging

The Portland based custom thermoforming firm has unveiled its food packaging service

Online PR News – 20-September-2022 – Portland, Oregon – Indepak, a leading custom thermoforming company located in Portland, OR, has just announced that it will be rolling out custom food packaging for small food-based businesses. It offers state-of-the-art thermoforming services to make your products look great on the shelf. The company also provides packaging design services, inventory management, production, and packaging fulfillment. This is a relief for Portland-based businesses seeking help with the same, making them the leader in the service.

Food packaging is a critical part of the food supply chain. Good packaging protects the food from contamination and helps to preserve its quality, which can be important for preventing spoilage. It also helps improve the product's shelf life by slowing down degradation during storage so businesses can get more out of their investment in time and money!

Food packaging should withstand essential weather, so it can last until it reaches the customer.

Indepak has been in the custom thermoforming packaging industry for over 55 years. This is a well-established company with an excellent reputation and is one of the top leaders in this field. One can trust Indepak to provide businesses with the best possible solutions for their needs—from packing boxes to product protection sleeves or food containers made from plastic film or aluminum foil!

Indepak understands that no two businesses are alike, so they tailor their products to fit each client's unique needs: whether one needs a simple box design or something more complex like an industrial-grade container that can withstand vibration during transportation; they'll find solutions that meet all requirements while still keeping costs low enough, so they're affordable across all industries and markets worldwide. Indepak uses recycled materials, and they use renewable energy sources. And is a green company, and its customers expect it to be this way.

Indepak offers various packaging services, including food packaging, which can help you create custom food packaging that meets your specific needs and requirements. They also provide custom thermoforming, offering a wide range of fabrication services for packaging and other industries, such as automotive parts and electronics devices.

"We're excited to introduce our new food packaging line, which is made of a material that is safe, non-toxic, and easy to use. We want to help small businesses grow and make a difference in the world by offering them this revolutionary technology." - Marc Almquist, Sales & Engineering Manager at Indepak.
About Indepak

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