Nftmusk Launches a paid online reading Platform

NftMusk has launched a platform that pays people to read articles online. It takes about 10-15 minutes daily, you can earn daily with NFTMUSK.

Online PR News – 14-September-2022 – Winston-Salem North Carolina – Speaking at the NftMusk launch on May 7, 2022, NFTMusk Director, Marcus Wetys stated that NftMusk guarantees readers passive income.

He said, "NftMusk project aims not to over-promise and under-deliver, because there are countless projects and online articles on how to make money, but how much cash can one realistically make after a month of trial? Thousands of customers across the Eu and the US are already benefiting from Nftmusk solely by reading online articles. Subscribers can dedicate about 10-15 minutes of their time daily to it.

“With the Direct Bank Transfer option, NFTMusk (US) has proven to be a venture to earn consistent passive income. Our goal is to make people realize the huge potential of the Nft marketplace, providing customers with or without knowledge of how Nft works is a big opportunity to make money from the Nft marketplace,” Weyts explained.

“Subscribers can now visit the NftMusk Website, register an account, perform the Initial $0.5 Bonus Tasks and perform the $0.8 Daily Task, and read the NFTMusk online article until you reach the minimum withdrawal of $10. The good part is readers can make from $0.8 to $2 daily per account. Having multiple accounts on different devices, you can realistically make $10 daily, depending on how much effort you put into it.”

Speaking on how readers can earn on NFTMusk, Wetys said, “ NftMusk offers different payment methods like Direct bank transfer, PayPal, bitcoin, usdt and the minimum payout amount is $10USDT.”

“No deposit or Referral is required, you can earn daily with NFTMUSK and receive your reward within 2 weeks or less just by reading online articles, but the referral bonus is $0.2 Per account. NftMusk is not only available in the U.S NftMusk has expanded to other regions and is no longer limited to customers in the US and the EU.”

The company’s Marketing manager Ann Catherine Dercon further added that “NftMusk is a large marketplace that aims to solve Nft sales problems and with thousands of active customers already reading articles daily and getting paid twice monthly, NftMusk is offering a great way to earn passive income online.”