Fuelarts Art plus Tech & NFT Startups Report H1 2022 is about to be released!

FUELARTS is releasing its second report, dedicated to H1 2022 and investments that Art+Tech & NFT startups have received within this period.

Online PR News – 13-September-2022 – New York, New York – This Report focuses on the Art+Tech & NFT ecosystem, portraits of the investors, and analytics on the specialized funds that are ready to invest in this sector.

Along with the analytics, we present interviews with key stakeholders of the industry. In this section we have included interviews with Head of Pace Verso Ariel Hudes, NFT collector and venture capitalist Ryan Zurrer, co-founder of Artfacts and Limna Marek Claassen, Head of Finance and Operations at Galaxy Labs Mohnish Mehta, Art Blocks’s COO Hugh Heslep and Managing Director of Amadeo Jeff Eshleman.

This March Fuelarts released its first report, which gained a lot of credibility from Art+Tech & NFT representatives. Only within half a year this report has reached 10 000 downloads, taking its rightful place among other reports in this industry.

Denis Belkevich, General Partner at Fuelarts: “The latest report by Fuelarts intends to support the market and its representatives by presenting the current state of the market and revealing positive investment trends in the Art+Tech & NFT sector”.

Key facts from a new Fuelarts Report:

- In H1 2022, 123 Art+Tech startups received $2.600 billion in total funding, which amounts to 237% of the investments for the whole year of 2021 ($1.098 billion). From the total of 801 startups - 15.2% have received funding within the first 6 months of 2022.

- 12 startups from the "physical" Art Market received only $99.2 million (3.8% of the total funding), while 111 startups from the Digital Art Market and NFT sector – $2.501 billion (96.2%).

- Within the first 6 months of 2022 there were 640 investors that participated in 766 rounds. 13.4% of them have made more than one investment in various Art+Tech & NFT startups in H1 2022. Only 4.1% of investors made three or more investments in this sector.

- Traditional (non-crypto) VC investors and Private Individuals (both fiat and crypto) were the most active in funding Art+Tech & NFT startups – with 33.6% and 22.5% of investments made accordingly.

- From June 2021 to August 2022, 33 specialized investment funds have announced raising funds for deployment in Web3 startups (including Art+Tech & NFT). The total amount of announced assets is $23.72 billion, with only $1.5 billion (6.3%) already invested.

- 83% of the art market strategists that took part in the report's survey, consider it inevitable that the market will turn towards physical art, which behaves more predictably as an asset in times of economic crisis. This, in particular, may lead to an increasing role of fractional ownership and traditional art investment instruments offered by Art+Tech startups.

* FUELARTS is an investment firm, specializing in the Art+Tech industry. Our mission is to support the development of the emerging Web3 ecosystem, backing daring entrepreneurs while they build a more efficient, transparent, and accessible art market.
In 2019 FUELARTS was founded by serial entrepreneur Denis Belkevich and former COO of Christie's Americas, ex-Senior VP of Artnet Roxanna Zarnegar.

The vision of FUELARTS is to become not only an investment vehicle but a platform, merging art and capital.

FUELARTS includes 3 main structures:

- FUELARTS ACCELERATOR provides tools to support founders of Art+Tech startups.

- FUELARTS INSIGHTS shares content & analytics to engage and develop the Art+Tech community.

- FUELARTS CAPITAL is a venture arm, investing in graduates of accelerator and infrastructure

With scaling its operations and expanding its reach, FUELARTS has a diverse international team of Art Market, Public relations, Venture capital, and Blockchain & NFT professionals. The team includes experts from the United States, China, France, Switzerland, Ukraine, and Ecuador.
From 2023, the objective of FUELARTS is to become a VC company builder, helping startups in the NFT and blockchain space to build a business model that can shift focus as demands in the market change.

Join us for the online presentation of the report on September 15th 2022 - 11AM EST

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