Young Entrepreneurs Launch Inclusive Employee Wellbeing Platform

Friends create a simple wellbeing tool for healthier, happier employees.

Online PR News – 06-September-2022 – LONDON, UK – University friends Toby Cannon and Michael McCreadie have just launched Myles Wellbeing, a platform providing inclusive physical wellbeing for desk-based workers.

Building on the success of their previous platform used by over 20,000 people including employees at Dell, NHS Supply Chain and Capital One, the pair have created a product to encourage employers to support the physical wellbeing of their employees.

Myles Wellbeing moves past traditional office ‘step’ challenges by focusing on simplicity, inclusivity and building sustainable habits. By connecting with over 30 smartwatches and fitness apps, users are able to compete with colleagues and earn rewards for hundreds of activities and sports, not just steps. The platform incentivises behavioural change by looking at participants' improvement month on month.

Myles Wellbeing uses an algorithm based on ‘metabolic equivalent tasks’ to compare running with yoga, rowing with dance classes and walking with tennis to enable users to earn points. These can be seen on a leaderboard and exchanged for a range of rewards.

For the forward thinking employer, Myles Wellbeing provides an inclusive, flexible and hassle-free platform encouraging employees to build healthy habits and work together in friendly competition. Co-founder, Michael McCreadie highlighted the importance of employee wellbeing in the workplace: “It isn't just nice to have, it's a necessity if you want to grow a sustainable business.”

45% of Gen-Z and Millennials say they have experienced burnout at their current job. Screen time in adults has also increased by up to 80% since before the covid-19 pandemic and employers are increasingly looking for ways to help support their staff with their wellbeing.

Founder and CEO Toby Cannon said, “We’re the first generation that need to build physical activity into our day to day lives. We’re super excited to launch Myles Wellbeing to support employees in creating sustainable wellbeing habits”.
You can find out more about Myles Wellbeing at