IniShare, the Professional Knowledge Sharing Application is now available

IniShare, a completely new knowledge sharing service now available for anybody.

Online PR News – 02-September-2022 – Budapest, Hungary – NetEnglish Solutions OÜ and its Hungarian affiliate just released an application they hailed as a professional knowledge sharing application anybody can use to organize and publish knowledge digitally.
So far trying to commercially share knowledge was a complicated process with lots of hurdles which discouraged most people of even trying.

NetEnglish Solutions OÜ now created an app where people can share any knowledge freely and easily and they can decide whether they want to ask money for it.
Their mission is to create a better flow of knowledge providing a service which makes online publishing and distribution of knowledge extremely easy, obviating the need for technical knowledge in the process.

"Everybody has valuable knowledge they could and should share with others. We just created a platform where this knowledge can be easily shared" the founders stated. "We believe it will give a chance for thousands of people to publish their ideas and knowledge for the first time and will open up a whole new market for knowledge" they added.