Digital Masterpieces Introduces New Rendering Core to BeCasso App Family Members

Digital Masterpieces has announced that they have reached a major technical milestone through its new Rendering Core.

Online PR News – 31-August-2022 – Potsdam, Brandenburg – Digital Masterpieces has announced that they have reached a major technical milestone through its new Rendering Core, which will be implemented across BeCasso’s family of apps in the coming months. The new Rendering Core was built based on Apple’s Core Image Framework, and through initial beta tests, it has seen successful performances and will be updated accordingly across the apps.

Last month, a soft update was done on ArtCard by BeCasso, and it has since seen tremendous feedback from users, whilst updates to the remaining apps will be rolled out in continuation with Waterbrush by BeCasso on 31st August, and the rest of the apps by the end of 2022.

Sebastian Pasewaldt, CEO and Co-Founder of Digital Masterpieces, said, “The update will be a major milestone for us and our users, lifting our apps on a new professional level. For our professional users, we deliver best-in-class resolution, brilliant colors and multiple file format support to ease the use of our apps for digital production processes. In addition, the improved performance and visual fidelity will be a huge plus for the complete user base.“

With this being the biggest technical update Digital Masterpieces has ever delivered, the updates will include:

Enhanced resolution at 64 megapixels for image exports – best suited for large prints and extensive digital productions;

True blacks, brilliant whites, and much more color gradation, including Extended Dynamic Range and Wide Gamut support allowing more colors to be displayed across iOS screens;

Ability to create stickers with new functionalities that allow loading and saving of transparent images;

Export Settings including High Efficiency Image Format to save storage space, as well as lossless export of TIFF files for printing or digital productions and;

Increased color rendering, and fantastic, enhanced effects, further improved features to give users a more comprehensive experience to expand their creativity

Users will be ever more empowered to create digital art at the tip of their fingers, and be able to innovate creatively through the BeCasso App family with the latest updates.

About Digital Masterpieces GmbH
Digital Masterpieces GmbH was founded in 2013, with the mission to create accessibility for everyday consumers in utilizing professional iOS apps for image editing. This enables users to produce high quality artwork instantly whilst using cutting edge and innovative technology created by the company. Based in Potsdam, Germany, Digital Masterpieces is home to the BeCasso family of iOS apps, that includes - BeCasso, ArtCard, Waterbrush, Oilbrush, Clip2Comic, and Graphite. The apps allow users to create avant-garde artwork with a simple tap of a finger, empowering their creativity in producing digital masterpieces that they can call their own.