Free Webinar about ISO26262 and Code Coverage Analysis

On October 4th 2022 at 10 a.m. CET Verifysoft Technology will invite to a free webinar about ISO 26262 in combination with code coverage analysis.

Online PR News – 29-August-2022 – Offenburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany – Verifysoft Technology has been established in 2003 and is owner of the Code Coverage Analyser Testwell CTC++, and the Code Complextity Measurement Tools Testwell CMT++ and CMTJava.

In addition, Verifysoft offers seminars, webinars and trainings about software development and quality.
Main application fields of Verifysoft‘s tools are automotive and transport, aerospace and defense, railway, industrial automation, medical and healtcare, IT / ICT services and consulting, mission critical software development, as well as research and education.

ISO 26262 is an international standard for functional safety of road vehicles. ISO 26262 gives requirements for validation and confirmation measures to ensure that a sufficient and acceptable level of safety is being achieved. Code Coverage Analysis is part of ISO 26262 requirements.

Verifysoft provides Testwell CTC++ Code Coverage Analyser for measuring Code Coverage on host and embedded targets. The tool is compliant to Safety Standards. Testwell CTC++ is the first choice for companies which have to achieve and to proof high software quality in aerospace, automotive, transportation, healthcare and other industries.

Experts from Verifysoft and Heicon invite you to a free webinar about ISO 26262 in combination with code coverage analysis on Tuesday, October 4th 2022 at 10 a.m. CET:

Within the webinar our experts explain the following topics:
- Informal - Semi-formal - Formal Notation Principles
- Safety architecture principles
- Handling of coding guidelines
- Review - Static Analysis
- Unit – Integrations – Systemtest
To register for the free webinar please use the following link and fill in the required information: