Alicia Ortego Becomes a Member of Alliance of Independent Authors

Children's author Alicia Ortego has joined the professional association for self-published authors which is shortly called ALLi.

Online PR News – 26-August-2022 – New York – Children's author Alicia Ortego has joined the professional association for self-published authors which is shortly called ALLi. The writer is best known for her bestsellers for toddlers and preschoolers, aimed at raising awareness of human virtues. The membership in ALLi makes Alicia a part of a big global team. Its participants have an opportunity to benefit from numerous educational and information materials provided by the association.

Although Alicia Ortego is a newcomer in ALLi, she knows everything about writing for children. For that matter, she's a mother of two as well as a successful author and blogger. That's not an exaggeration inasmuch as Alicia Ortego`s books made it to the top of the best-selling ones on Amazon in the UK.

Through short and simple stories she manages to reach children's hearts and leaves there a seed of goodness. Her book series suit the taste of young readers because they are well-illustrated and eye-catching. Also, kids can listen to audiobooks online for free. Each book has its own protagonist on the example of which boys and girls learn important life lessons.

Now that Alicia can take part in all ALLi events, she`s to gain new experience to boost her talent and come up with new releases. Moreover, now she's planning to write something no less fabulous than her previous books.

Alicia started her career with her first Kindness Is My Superpower book, in which she tells that there`s nothing wrong with making a mistake. What matters is being able to apologize. The protagonist named Lucas teaches young readers good manners. He sets an example of appreciated behavior in different settings such as home, school, or a store.

Breathing Is My Superpower is the second book in the series. This time children get to know how to inhale and exhale properly. First of all, the author explains to kids as well as some parents (who might not be aware of the topic), why it's vital to control one's breathing. The author articulates her thoughts so clearly that even toddlers can get it. And sure, young readers will learn the very technique of breathing.

Acceptance Is My Superpower is hosted by Lisa, a young girl who has handled an insult. She wants to share her thoughts on the significance of being tolerant. She also teaches young readers that diversity is OK, and they should get along with different people.

Gratitude Is My Superpower is one more book in the series that focuses on the sense of gratefulness. It tells children that even small things in life are worth being thankful for. The book also reveals to kids the secret of happiness - just value everything that surrounds you.

Confidence is My Superpower is a must-have for young readers who doubt themselves and struggle with low self-esteem. Together with the protagonist children will learn how to overcome difficulties and believe in themselves.

Honesty Is My Superpower is the last edition so far. By the example of little Tommy and his brother, the readers will see the negative consequences of being dishonest. This simple story persuades kids that easy lies aren't better than difficult truths.

What is Alicia Ortego`s secret of success? There's only one explanation. She writes about kids and to kids. That's why they take her words for granted.

The author is already working on her new book that's going to be a new bestseller. So, very soon, the young followers will be able to enjoy one more instructive story.