UKIC Organize First Time in History Mini MBA with Indian Mythology Event

The workshop named "Mini MBA with Indian Mythology" was conducted for students of UKIC in Ahmedabad from 9th May 2022 till 20th May 2022.

Online PR News – 24-August-2022 – Ahmedabad,Gujarat – Dr Udayan Kachchhy- Founder of UKIC
" Love, rage, jealousy, determination, greed, and other human emotions are all explored in depth throughout the Mahabharata. It is accurately stated that the Mahabharata has already portrayed all condition that exists somewhere in the world. If the situation isn't depicted in the epic, it will never happen in real life. "

Detail about Event:

The workshop named "Mini MBA with Indian Mythology" was conducted for students of UKIC in Ahmedabad from 9th May 2022 till 20th May 2022. It was conducted by CA Pallavi Acharya.

Idea behind the whole workshop was given by Dr. Prof. Udayan Kachchhy, so that student . They gave profound knowledge of the main characters of Mahabharata to students by giving practical examples and by making them play different management games. Each day a new character was described to students with their positive and negative points.

Bhishma Pitamah - He was a great warrior and his oath is considered highly prestigious even today. Students should learn commitment from him.

Shakuni - He was determined to take all the revenge from Bhishma. He was an expert in making strategies.

Draupadi - Extremely caring and wonderful wife, daughter-in-law, friend and mother.

Krishna - Mastermind and supportive. We can find leadership qualities in him during the war between Pandavas and Kauravas.

Dhritarashtra - Unsuitable king. Learnings - Listen to intellectual people and speak up for what is right.

Yudhisthira - Always have patience; Be good whatever happens to you and never leave the path of truth. Respect your seniors and elders.

Arjuna - Passion is the key to your success. Stay focused.

Eklavya - Always learn from the best; Practice makes a man perfect. Self mentoring.

Duryodhana - Recognising talent; Powerful, Desire for own self can lead to Adharma.

Barbarik - Learnings from the observations and passing the knowledge to others.
Management Games

Team building session: It made the concept of management very clear. They were given a deadline too to complete a task.

Chinese Whispers: The taking of this game was to never believe what you listen from others in an organisation.

Guess the personality: where hints from different students were given to a participant. And the participant had to guess the character of Mahabharata through their characteristics.

Who is the leader? - All the students were doing the same action and they changed the action midway as per the leader. One person had to guess who was the real leader among them.
Active mind - Students were told to clap on a specific number of a table. Those who forgot were out of the game. It made their brains sharp and attentive.