The first Co-marketing Network designed to help SMEs collaborate and share marketing resources

The team at Comarketing.Zone have announced the release of the first co-marketing network to help marketing managers contain costs, reach more customers.

Online PR News – 23-August-2022 – Brisbane, Australia – Comarketing is a creative marketing practice which allows two or more companies to identify synergies and opportunities to collaborate and leverage each other's resources to achieve their marketing goals. Typically, this involves businesses who share the same target audience and offer complementary products or services, such as for example, a pet insurance provider and a pet-food company. Companies may even choose to share the cost of expensive marketing production and media advertising and co-produce the campaigns; this is not unusual in the tourism sector, where airlines or tour operators may partner up with destination tourism boards.

Irrespective of the synergy and industry sector, comarketing is about creativity and collaboration and comarketing opportunities come in all shapes and sizes ranging from cobranding to social media mentions, from pop-in shops to free-gifts and more, there is truly no limit to the ways companies can partner up to create comarketing opportunities.

The Comarketing.Zone platform allows businesses of all sizes to create an account and post their co-marketing opportunities, specifying their target market, reach potential, timeframe and sharing media assets including video and audio files. Marketing professionals can work together to deploy innovative campaigns or simply to leverage existing activities.

Marcelo Verni, Media Manager at Comarketing.Zone, stated “Comarketing, is one of the most under-utilized forms of marketing but it provides a flexible and cost-effective solution for businesses to expand their reach without increasing their marketing costs. Many companies are under pressure to reduce marketing costs while remaining competitive and at Comarketing.Zone we are committed to providing a user-friendly and supportive environment for marketing professionals to share ideas, help each other and succeed in a tough business cycle”.

Businesses in all industry sectors can register at and browse comarketing opportunities from around the world. Access to the network is free with no premium plans or upgrades.

Comarkering.Zone is a solution developed by a team of seasoned digital marketing and IT professionals with over fifteen years of experience. The Comarketing.Zone team is based in ten different timezones and speaks eight different languages.

Above all at Comarketing.Zone we believe in collaboration. Succeeding in today's marketing space is more challenging than ever and therefore our commitment and mission is to help businesses connect