Microvec Introduces a New Affordable PIV System

Microvec has released an affordable new PIV system, which includes it’s own laser, making it available to more potential researchers with financial limitations.

Online PR News – 21-August-2022 – Singapore – Microvec, one of the leaders in the field of fluid mechanics, has released an affordable new PIV system based around Microvec’s own double pulse PIV laser. A sneak preview was shown at a recent laser conference in Lisbon in July 2022 and at the ASME conference on Toronto in August of this year.

The new system is a fully functional PIV system for measurements in air and water with velocities of up to 200 m/s. The system includes a double pulse 60 mJ PIV laser with 2 x 25 Hz pulse frequency and a 2.8-megapixel CCD camera, capable of capturing 54 images per second. With this maximum acquisition rate, the camera matches the frequency of the laser and can capture frames from all laser pulses. With an added MicroPulse 825 synchronizer and the newest version of Microvec PIV software, the new system can work with flows of up to 200 m/s or more.

The new system has an unprecedented price performance ratio and offers an affordable research tool to all the potential researchers who were not able to afford PIV previously.

“Acquisition of a laser manufacturer by Microvec allows our company to lower the price point without compromising performance and quality,” said Wojciech Majewski, Managing Director of Microvec. “We hope to open an entirely new market and allow researchers to finally be able to use PIV to study fluid mechanics without having to spend a lot of money.”

With continued geographical expansion and the recent opening of a new office in Europe, Microvec is well positioned to continue to provide researchers worldwide with affordable, advanced, and high-performance PIV systems.