NIX United Exhibiting at Intelligent Health Y

7-8 Sep 2022: NIX United, a global software development company, will participate in the world’s leading AI in medicine summit series.

Online PR News – 21-August-2022 – Basel, Switzerland – Intelligent Health will bring together international AI and healthcare representatives including healthcare providers, medical organizations, data scientists, entrepreneurs, and corporations to develop ideas on how to employ AI in healthcare and foster technological collaboration. More than 120 speakers will participate in the most enlightening and inspiring event for the tech, science, and business communities.

Our experts Natalia Tkachenko and Yulia Litvinenko will represent NIX United’s expertise in developing and deploying advanced healthcare software solutions.

"For many years now we have built custom healthcare technical solutions to assist our customers in improving the quality of medical services, patient care, hospital operations, and treatment effectiveness. I'm thrilled to be a part of Intelligent Health 2022 and to participate in the fast-paced dialogue.We will join forces and explore the potential of custom AI-based software solutions to make upcoming healthcare technologies inclusive, equitable and empowering," said Natalia Tkachenko, Healthcare Software Solutions Consultant.

NIX United delivers upscale business- and patient-centric tech solutions for various medical facilities—clinics, research companies, private and public hospitals, hospital networks, healthcare centers, and laboratories. We create software compliant with all industry-specific regulations like HIPAA, FDA, GDPR, etc. Healthcare software designed by us is attuned to level up patient care, digitize internal company processes for better outcomes, and accelerate wellness progress on a large scale.

NIX United offers a full set of healthcare services and expertise, including:

- Healthcare systems in compliance with HIPAA and regulatory standards
- ?ustomer relationship management (CRM) systems for hospitals and clinics
- Electronic medical and health record (EMR and EHR) systems and patient data monitoring solutions
- Web and mobile application for remote consultations and healthcare services (Telemedicine applications)
- System integration and automation tasks for healthcare
- Big data solutions and healthcare predictive analytics software with machine learning and neural networks

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