National Nutrition Partners with Organic Traditions To Adds 30 New Superfood Products

ORILLIA, ON: July 25, 2022 – An energy boost without the crash – National Nutrition dot CA and Organic Traditions are expanding their partnership.

Online PR News – 21-August-2022 – Orillia – An energy boost without the crash – National Nutrition dot CA and Organic Traditions are expanding their partnership. National Nutrition is a leading natural health retailer in Canada and they’re happy to announce that they are adding over 30 new Organic Traditions superfood products.

Organic Traditions, The Original Superfood Company

A superfood is defined as a food that has “super” health benefits. Since the beginning, Organic Traditions has been passionate about using traditional healing superfoods from all over the world to help people experience a newfound level of vitality and wellness.

With this new expansion of offerings, Organic Traditions’ Mushroom Coffees will now be available at National Nutrition. Regular coffee depletes the body rather than nourishing it. Organic Traditions’ Mushroom Coffee is like a super powered coffee that produces less of an energy spike thanks to lower caffeine levels. Mushroom coffee also has the addition of superfood adaptogenic herbs and superfoods that help to combat the effects of stress from caffeine on the body. Best of all, Organic Traditions’ Mushroom Coffees have the same robust taste found in regular coffee.

Thoughtful Sourcing That Respects Nature

Organic Traditions’ respect for nature ensures that environmental sustainability is at the top of their choices. All Organic Traditions products are sourced from certified organic, wildcrafted and ethically-grown ingredients. All Organic Traditions products are 100% natural, gluten-free, plant-based and non-GMO and contain no artificial flavours, preservatives or fillers.

Organic Traditions’ CEO, Jerry Zeifman says: “I learned early on that sometimes the most simple changes can produce the greatest impact to our health. We know that National Nutrition’s customers will love the mellow energy boost and clarity of thought they get from our Mushroom Coffees.”

He adds: “Like National Nutrition, Organic Traditions has always put an emphasis on quality education, which is why we love working with them.”

Darren Firth, National Nutrition’s CEO says: “National Nutrition has been carrying Organic Tradition products for quite some time. Our customers love their quality and purity so we know our customers are going to really enjoy their mushroom coffee blends.”

National Nutrition’s full selection of Organic Traditions superfoods and Mushroom Coffees can be viewed in their dedicated section for health supplements from Organic Traditions.

About National Nutrition

National Nutrition has been customer focused, which is why they are always expanding their line of products. They believe in empowering their customers with knowledge through articles, videos and recipes. They also ensure their team is made up of certified holistic nutritionists and naturopaths to better serve their customers.