Leading Digital Agency Digital Infoways to Expand App Store Optimization (ASO) Team by 100% in 2022

Digital Infoways is a purpose-driven ASO services provider in India & focuses on increasing online traffic and sales with online marketing strategies.

Online PR News – 25-August-2022 – Ahmedabad, GJ – Digital Infoways, the premium digital marketing services company in Ahmedabad, has launched a drive to expand its ASO resources by up to one hundred percent in 2022. ASO or app store optimization services help the brands to increase their rankings on the app stores.

The ASO resources ultimately help to increase the number of downloads for their mobile apps. The latest reports state that the company began hiring two months ago and has already added three professionals to the team.

The expansion is attributed to the desire of the organization to become a premium ASO services provider in India and abroad.
For the people who are not in the know, ASO is similar to SEO. SEO always helps to increase visibility and the rankings of the websites on Google search results pages while ASO does the same for the mobile apps on the app stores.

The CEO and founder of Digital Infoways have been quoted saying, “It is true that we have all experienced a surge in the demand for ASO from our clients. This is also a great opportunity for us to not only hire some very talented and well-versed individuals but truly establish ourselves as the leaders for the app store optimization services.”

The organization is looking for individuals with the passion to take on mammoth challenges and also create path-breaking solutions. The founder and CEO of Digital Infoways have been quoted as saying, “We have already delivered some great results for the mobile apps across the niches.

The mobile apps include music streaming apps, gaming apps, mobile payment and recharge apps, kids’ apps, enterprise productivity apps, and even more. All along the way, we all have learned and also bettered the processes.

Now, we are looking toward adding more experts with experience in mobile marketing across different industries. We are all looking forward to working with absolutely new talent. We are sure they will enhance the value of our organization.”

The company has a really strong national and international presence and a long track record of delivering astounding SEO results. Over the years, it has won several awards, recognitions, and even accolades for being the top SEO company in India.

Most recently it won the Drivers of Digital (DOD) award for the best Search marketing campaign of 2019. So, it comes as no surprise that Digital Infoways is already becoming a renowned name for App Store optimization.

With the increase in its workforce, we can only expect to hear about some great ASO campaigns and results!
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