Neridio Announces The Launch of its Zero Trust Data Transfer Pipelines with Quantum Attack Tolerance

Neridio celebrates 75th Indian Independence Day ceremoniously through the launch of its Zero Trust Data Transfer Pipelines with Quantum Attack Tolerance!

Online PR News – 26-August-2022 – Bangalore, India – Neridio Systems unveils – powering its product line code named as, NervioDataLanes!

On the 75th birthday of India as an Independent Country, Neridio announces the launch of its path-breaking, solution against Quantum Computing attacks on crypto preceded by wire-tapping intrusion that any digital businesses are currently grappling with. A holistic solution that radically improves data control, information assurance, security, and future-proof data security from quantum attacks while data is in-motion is a critical market gap. Neridio responded to this market void with a revolutionary solution, code-named as “NervioDataLanes”.

NervioDataLanes re-imagined data security for the quantum computing era that will break all the assumptions of computational security as a radically secure wide area data transfer mechanism. The technology is built upon information-theoretical security paradigm as opposed to computational security that is currently employed by existing security in-motion deployments.

NervioDataLanes is a quantum leap in the state of the art on data security in-motion. It is built upon sharded, content routing across exclusive path overlay with maximally distinct-path routing at the underlay networking paradigm while it can also be deployed in other, less common, use cases. The solution is powered by a uniquely blended science from AIOps, Information theory, Quantum-safe data security in motion, contextual system security paired with active response. NervioDataLanes is a next-generation innovation on data-centric security in-motion, as an integrated part of NervioCloud Solution suite, which won NASSCOM EMERGE 50 Award in 2019 and is backed by a number of market-defining patents and trusted by several early customers.

Visionary attackers, who are patient enough for a big win, wire-tap and keep the encrypted content tapped from the channel for future data compromise, when they have access to a quantum computer.

“After years of hard research and with an array of radical innovations in integrating information theoretical security to Cyber-Security which is tolerant of Quantum computing attack on crypto systems, Neridio is now ready to define the new ways of cyber secure data pipelines! As the market pioneer of Zero Trust Cloud Storage Architecture with our invention of Cross-Cloud data dispersal, this cross-path, dispersed data routing at content level with Exclusive Path Content routing technology fits well with our DNA and what we stand for, as a safety, security and data control company”, said Peter Chacko, Promoter, Neridio Systems