STADIUUM Group launch their US-targeted sports betting Brand QUUANT Intelligence.

QUUANT Intelligence, a product of startup company STADIUUM Group, has officially launched in the US.

Online PR News – 27-August-2022 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Powered by artificial intelligence, is a data driven analytics and predictions platform, helping sport bettors make educated decisions when wagering.

QUUANT provides everything a sports bettor could need when analysing any specific matchup within a major league.

“As legalised sports betting continues to evolve in America, informing and educating fans and bettors on smart punting decisions is a genuine market necessity. This is the driving force with the QUUANT Intelligence brand and its platform.” Says Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Lindsay Gray.

QUUANT Intelligence is a new breed of investment, which aims to pioneer a revolution that will amplify the IQ of sports bettors at any level – with a key focus on beginner and intermediate punters.

“It’s simple, we want to supplement sports bettors with data-driven, trend and probabilistic forecasts, geared to increase their betting IQ and make educated decisions when wagering on sports.” He added.

Outside of the platform, live alerts are also distributed to users emails, which earmarks potential of a profitable live point spread situation within an ongoing matchup.

A mobile app is currently under construction which will broaden the user access to smart wagering decisions.

Currently focussed US major sports, plans are well underway to attract a global audience in the future.

“Overtime, we will see the real-time demand for QUUANT intensify across the globe, which will mean more sports, more data and more predictions, all catered for in one location.” Adds Chief Technology Officer, Frederick Walters.

QUUANT is not the only product the Australian startup intend on launching this year, with the STADIUUM platform set for an imminent release.

The team behind the evolution of QUUANT boast 200 years experience from the realms of sports media, wagering and technology industries. Having worked for companies such as the European Commission, Ladbrokes Coral and the Scottish Professional Football Leagues.

“The hard work behind the scenes is what’s made this possible.” Lindsay added.

“We have great day-to-day and advisory teams in place with countless years’ experience, providing invaluable insights on how we can revolutionise the industry with our product suite.”

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